MyMusicCloud Introduces a Convenient Web Toolbar

Paying bills online or reading work emails is a lot more fun with your favorite songs playing in the background, isn’t it? But who wants to have a dozen browser windows open at once?  Not us and we’re betting not you either. That’s why we’re helping you multitask with an exciting new product launch.

This week, MyMusicCloud is unveiling a new browser toolbar* to help you easily listen to your music collection, discover great music store promotions, and share songs with your Facebook friends without ever leaving the page you’re reading. No more juggling multiple tabs and windows while trying to play DJ.

Go ahead and give it a try. As a little thank you, we’ll even throw in 1 free gigabyte of music storage for our cloud-based music delivery service, just for trying the new toolbar app. (That’s more than 200 songs.)

But that’s not the only cool insider tool MyMusicCloud offers. Stumped by Nicki Minaj’s latest rhyme? Or trying to remember the words to the Beatles’ classic “I am the Walrus”? We make finding both of these things super easy: With the click of a button, we fetch the lyrics for you. No need to wonder, or open a separate browser window, or surf YouTube hoping someone transcribed the song accurately. Bam! It’s done.

And don’t forget, you can still sync your Dropbox music files with our cloud-based music delivery service. Rather than relying on an internet connection to stream songs every time you want to listen, you can play them offline too. Unlike cloud storage services on Google, Amazon, and Apple, Dropbox and MyMusicCloud are also available globally from Australia to Taiwan and beyond.

Tell us what you think of our new toolbar or any of these functions below.

*The toolbar is available for Windows OS users, and runs on Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.