The Latest from Internet Week New York

Yummy iMac-shaped cupcakes, mounted Instagram galleries, and public tours inside the top-secret offices of Facebook and Gawker were just a few of the perks at this year’s Internet Week New York summit. Web stars like Tumblr’s David Karp and comics like Patton Oswalt mingled with the masses, while some of the 250 events tackled fun topics like internet dating, freestyle rapping and how to pitch the perfect cross-platform (TV, movie, Web, gaming, mobile) story.

The music and entertainment worlds are all abuzz with the phrase “cross-platforming,” but if you use MyMusicCloud, you’re already doing it. Cross-platforming simply means enjoying media, like music, photos, or TV shows, across different types of devices.

Our cloud-based music delivery service has been offering music lovers that freedom since we launched in September 2011. Remember when you were frustrated by your inability to sync your iTunes library from home with your work PC or Android phone? Because Apple wouldn’t let you have it your way, you were stuck pulling out your iPod, or worse: sitting in silence.

But with MyMusicCloud, you can keep your BlackBerry, Nokia, iPhone, Android, Sony Ericsson, or any other phone; hold on to your iMac, MacBook, net book, iPad, or PC. Your music collection is always available and in complete sync on all of your devices.

And you can even listen offline. Checking out Bruce Springsteen’s new single? Start it on one device, then seamlessly pick it up on another. Or share your favorite tunes on Facebook. Even double-check the lyrics with the click of a button.

So viva la internet and let the music play!

Help MyMusicCloud to go viral! And Get Free Storage as a Thank You

Here at MyMusicCloud, we love marketing our cloud-based music delivery service. In the process, we get to discover new artists, receive comments from satisfied customers, and even follow music festivals around the world.

But our own marketing doesn’t hold a candle to yours. We can brag, get the word out, and circulate all of the fun that’s inherent in a world filled with accessible, awesome, diverse, and up-to-date music. But the best testimonial comes from you. Your friends and family know you, and they trust you. Put in a good word for our music service to your friends and family, and it’s 100 times stronger than anything we can say about ourselves. Wouldn’t you agree?

That’s why we’re asking you to help us go viral. Invite your friends using our special link on Facebook, Twitter, email, and MyMusicCloud web app. And we’ll thank you for it.

See, here’s the deal:

  • For every friend that completes the registration process, you’ll receive 250MB of additional storage. That’s dozens of songs—just for getting them to sign up!
  • Get 12 friends to register, and you can earn up to 3GB of additional storage—all for free. That’s over 600 songs of free listening on any device, any time you want to.

Share away, and get rewarded with free storage. And then smile as your friends and family thank you for another wonderful recommendation. Log into your account, click on the promo banner on the top right, and spread the word!

Hot Band Alert: New York’s More Than Fate

Here at MyMusicCloud, we’re always looking for fresh, undiscovered music you want to share and take with you using our cloud-based music delivery service. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to underground NYC band More Than Fate.

Born from the rough-and-tumble NYC music scene, this Astoria foursome plays “rock music, plain and simple,” says lead guitarist Carlos Casados. The group includes drummer Phil Lherisson and vocalist Eddie Slate (both formerly of the band Ampithy) with Jack McLeod on bass guitar.

Taking their name from the soaring Eye Empire song “More Than Fate,” they’re part of a new breed of alternative rock. Finding musical talent in the NYC area isn’t difficult, Eddie admits, “the difficulty lies in finding other dedicated musicians that mesh well together.”

Despite their diverse musical backgrounds, “as soon as we started, it was an instant musical bond. It was like we knew exactly what was on each other’s minds,” Phill adds.

Have you ever bonded or forged new friendships through music? The great thing about discovering a little-known band like More Than Fate is sharing it with your friends. With MyMusicCloud, you can sync your favorite bands’ albums across any mobile phone, PCs, Macs, tablets and other devices, and even share what you’re listening to on Facebook with friends around the world.

On Saturday, April 7, New Yorkers can hear More Than Fate live when they perform at the Studio in New York’s Webster Music Hall, 125 E. 11th St, with headliners The Day Will Come, and fellow bands When All Else Fails, Blacken The Fallen, We The Living and Live For Today. For ticket prices and information, visit Webster Music Hall online.

Check out their website and Facebook page, enjoy the gig, and tell us what you think


A Cloud-Based Music Service for Android Users

Are you one of the 300 million new mobile phone users who have switched to an Android phone? If so, you’re going to need a place to store your music, and MyMusicCloud is just the app you need.

With MyMusicCloud, you can take your music collection anywhere: to the beach, park, and even places you’re stuck waiting for hours, like doctor’s offices or the DMV. Our cloud-based delivery service syncs all your music effortlessly across any device or platform, from your PC to your Droid phone, around the world. Access your favorite house music even if you’re offline on the subway.

Android phones are now the fastest-selling phones on the planet. On a blog post from February 2012, Google’s senior vice president of mobile, Andy Rubin, revealed that Google’s phone partners (HTC, LG Electronics, Motorola and Samsung) have activated “over 850,000 phones and tablets per day” – up from 500,000 per day in June 2011.

At MyMusicCloud, we welcome all the brand-new Android users. But Apple, Blackberry, and Nokia fans needn’t feel left out, because our cloud-based music delivery service works just as smoothly across your operating systems too.

Have your music library synced across any device, play your music on one device and pick up where you left on another, and create and play customized playlists from almost anywhere: whether you’re running at the gym to Maroon 5, perking up your morning commute with Michael Bublé, or playing your favorite Adele tunes to a friend’s wine and book party.

Tell us: Which device do you like to play your music on and why?

Share Your Favorite Grammy Songs on Facebook With MyMusicCloud

Do you remember where you were Sunday when Adele won six Grammys and Paul McCartney jammed onstage with Bruce Springsteen? Millions of fans and MyMusicCloud members were on Twitter, cheering, griping, and chatting in real time about every moment of the Grammy Awards.

The Grammys were the No. 1 most “social” entertainment event ever on Twitter, logging 13 million tweets, according to Bluefin Labs, which specializes in TV-specific social media tracking. The show even beat the 2012 Super Bowl (12.2 million comments) with must-discuss moments like Adele’s wins, Jennifer Hudson’s tribute to Whitney Houston and McCartney’s all-star rock session, Bluefin reported.

Music has become more social than ever: Who doesn’t love to talk about their favorite band or root for their No. 1 pop songbird to win Record of the Year?

With our cloud-based music delivery service, MyMusicCloud, you never have to wait to hear your most-adored artist. You can pull and play your favorite songs wherever you are – at home watching an awards show, driving to Las Vegas with your girlfriend or relaxing around a campfire with your friends.

MyMusicCloud syncs your music across every device – Any mobile phone, iMacs, iPods, net books, PCs, tablets and more. Even better, you can share your music taste with your friends on Facebook. With the click of a “Share” button on MyMusicCloud, recommend songs or tell everyone what you’re listening to right now.

What were your favorite Grammy moments? Did you discover some new songs or old favorites? Tell us here …

Smooth Waves: Your Personal Valentine’s Day Soundtrack

There’s nothing like a disruption to diminish the mood—in love, or in music. This Valentine’s Day, make sure things go ultra-smoothly with MyMusicCloud, our cloud-based music delivery service.

You can program the entire romantic soundtrack of your date in advance, then just relax as your 21st century V-Day “mix tape” plays wherever convenient for your perfectly choreographed evening. At home, your computer sets the scene with a dreamy electronic tune. Slide into your car, and finish listening to the same song on your mobile phone. Give yourself a pat on the back as the track morphs into romantic pop song territory: perfect for the drive to dinner. Later, the two of you can cuddle by the fire with R&B. All of this without lifting a turntable needle, or sifting through your songs.

MyMusicCloud delivers your music in one seamless stream. But you still have to program your queue. To help inspire your Valentine’s Day playlist, here are our staff’s 10 favorite love songs:

10. “Always” (Bon Jovi): a languishing cry of infinite devotion by the bad boy band of New Jersey.

9. “Careless Whisper” (George Michael): the earnest, danceable yearnings of George Michael.

8. “Invincible” (Muse): 2007 love anthem builds to a slow, crashing crescendo.

7. “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You” (Bryan Adams): Grammy-winning ballad from the 1991 movie “Robin Hood:  Prince of Thieves.”

6. “I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know” (Blood Sweat & Tears): classic guitar riffs that pluck at your heartstrings.

5. “Just the Way You Are” (Barry White): Deep-voiced passion from the silky-voiced Dr. Love.

4. “Nothing Compares 2U” (Sinead O’Connor): that iconic voice haunts as it romances.

3. “November Rain” (Guns N’ Roses): rock marries opera, featuring a dramatic guitar solo by Slash.

2. “Still Loving You” (Scorpions): whispery vocals and soaring guitars from the ‘80s rockers.

1. “Since I’ve Been Loving You” (Led Zeppelin): sprawling guitars and vocals from the iconic rock band.