10 Songs You’re Singing Wrong

Ever listen to Bruno Mars‘s “Uptown Funk,” and hear, “This is that ice cone, Michelle Pfeiffer, that white goat”? Yup, we know. But, hey, you’re not alone. Plenty of music fans are singing wrong song lyrics too, and even making funny Vine videos of their goof-ups (like the one above).

We’re here to help you never sing the wrong lyrics again. Our free MyMusicCloud app shows you the correct lyrics to any song you upload to our cloud, on your phone, tablet, laptop, smartwatch and even smart TV. Just touch the “Lyrics” button and, voila, instant lyrics. So now when you hear …

What the Lyric Sounds Like: “This is that ice cone, Michelle Pfeiffer, that white goat”

What It Really Is: “This is that ice-cold Michelle Pfeiffer, that white gold”

But, truthfully, we know you liked that misheard lyric, so here are some more funny wrong song lyrics from Vine and around the Interwebs.

One Republic, “Counting Stars”

Lyric Sounds Like: “Bake that bunny, watch it burn!”

What It Really Is: “Make that money, watch it burn!”

Maroon 5, “Misery”

Lyric Sounds Like: “I am in Miss-ouri … ”

What It Really Is: “I am in Misery …”

The Rolling Stones with Bette Midler, “Beast of Burden”

Lyric Sounds Like: “I’ll never be your big Suburban.”

What It Really Is: “I’ll never be your beast of burden.”

Eminem featuring Rihanna, “Monster”

What the Lyric Sounds Like: “I’m friends with the monster, the son of my bed.”

What It Really Is: “I’m friends with the monster that’s under my bed.”

Walk the Moon, “Shut Up and Dance”

What the Lyric Sounds Like: “When you’re broke at the club, shut up and dance for free!”

What It Really Is: “I said, ‘You’re holding back,’ She said, “Shut up and dance with me!”

Kenny Loggins, “Footloose”

Lyric Sounds Like: “Now, I gotta cut loops, Froot Loops! Kick off those Sundance shoes.”

What It Really Is: “Now, I gotta cut loose, Footloose! Kick off your Sunday shoes.”

Taylor Swift, “Blank Space”

Lyric Sounds Like: “Got a lot of Starbucks lovers.”

What It Really Is: “Got a long list of ex-lovers.”

Montell Jordan, “This Is How We Do It”

Lyric Sounds Like: “The farting’s here on the West side.”

What It Really Is: “The party’s here on the West side.”

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, “Empire State of Mind Pt 2”

Lyric Sounds Like: “In New York, concrete jungle, wet dream, tomato…”

What It Really Is: “In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made, oh… “

Imagine Dragons, “Radioactive”

What the Lyric Sounds Like: “I feel it in my bones … to make my sister moan.”

What It Really Is: “I feel it in my bones … enough to make my systems blow.”

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Funny Misheard Lyrics from Rihanna Songs

When it comes to confusing song lyrics, Rihanna is the Princess of Perplexing Pronunciation, The Empress of Eh? Ella, Ella, Ella. So with social media all atwitter about Rihanna’s upcoming 8th album, simply dubbed #R8, we were on pins and needles to hear the new single, “B**** Better Have My Money.”

As always, Rihanna doesn’t disappoint. Barking the title over and over, she sings, “I call the shot-ot-ots,” and follows that with something delightfully like, “Plop, plop, plop!” (Oh, Ri-Ri.) In honor of her lyrical genius, we’re dedicating this Funny Misheard Song Lyrics list to her past hits like “Disturbia,” “Stay,” and “S&M.” So, “Please, Don’t Stop the Misheards” and enjoy …

Misheard: A girl like me is never gonna settle for Shake ‘n Bake. Right Lyrics: A girl like me is never gonna settle for second best.

Misheard: I’m afraid … I’m a slave … of Micro … soft! Right Lyrics: Mama say, mama sah, mama coo-sa!

Misheard: I’m friends with the mustard … that’s under my bed. Right Lyrics: I’m friends with the monster … that’s under my bed.

Misheard: I won’t chew the steeeeeak. Right Lyrics: I want you to staaaaay.

Misheard: Weasels got the music! Right Lyrics: Please, don’t stop the music!

Misheard: We found Dove in a soapless place. Right Lyrics: We found love in a hopeless place.

Misheard: Shut up and die! Right Lyrics: Shut up and drive!

Misheard: Cuz I know that I’m fat but I’m perfectly good at it. Right Lyrics: Cuz I know that I’m bad but I’m perfectly good at it.

Misheard: Stir me up! Right Lyrics: Disturbia!

Can’t figure out what Rihanna’s saying either? Never sing the wrong words again with play-and-store service MyMusicCloud. Just hit the Lyrics button while listening to any song and it fetches the correct words for you instantly. Plus you can play, pause and re-start your music across any device, regardless of brand.