MyMusicCloud Welcomes eMusic to the Family

eMusic-LogoUpdate: Many of our users know by now, but MyMusicCloud has officially become eMusic as of 09/25/17. 

eMusic provides all the features MMC users have used and love, such as access to any of your previously stored music and playlists, unlimited cloud storage & playback on multiple devices. It also includes much more – access to over 26 million tracks at up to 55% off iTunes pricing, access to free music every day, all year and access to premium sales and promotions.
MyMusicCloud is expanding its song catalog and services as part of a new deal that was announced this week. Triplay, the parent company of our free store-and-play service, has acquired eMusic, the music retail and download site.

It’s an exciting marriage of wireless technology and music discovery.

“We are thrilled to join forces to offer all our users the wide variety of music they love in a comprehensive, next-generation platform, complete with the features they want and need,” said Tamir Koch, founder and CEO of TriPlay.

The MyMusicCloud apps already empower music lovers to tote and listen to their collections on nearly any smart device (smart phones, computers, tablets, and Samsung smart TVs) regardless of brand (Apple, Android, Windows etc.)

Soon, we’ll offer our millions of active, eclectic and music-savvy users songs from eMusic’s retail store too. Together, that equals a combined catalog of more than 25 million songs from every genre. In return, eMusic users will also have access to their music collections, both online and offline, on any device, anywhere in the world.

To find out when these changes take effect, keep checking back here for further announcements.

“In the coming months, our users will begin to see significant enhancements as we introduce the complete music service they want, accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device,” Koch said.

To try our portable music service for free, download the MyMusicCloud app here.

Karaoke Songs Anyone Can Sing

You say you weren’t blessed with the songbird voice of Carrie Underwood, or the dreamy vocals of Ne-Yo? Maybe you sound more like Miss Piggy or Sam the Eagle when you sing? Don’t panic. There are plenty of songs you can perform on karaoke night without embarrassing yourself (or your kids). If that nerdy actor Ed Helms and The Muppets can karaoke-sing (some of) these songs and look cool, so can you. Presenting the top Karaoke Songs Anyone Can Sing:

“All I Wanna Do (Is Have Some Fun)” (Sheryl Crow) – A sure crowd-pleaser, this mellow hit is mostly spoken words and folks will generally help you out with the catchy chorus.

“Everybody” (The Backstreet Boys) – Backstreet’s back! This campy song is perfect for a group of guys who can ham it up. Plus it invites hilarious audience participation with nonsensical questions like, “Am I original?”

“Shake It Off” (Taylor Swift) – This is another fun, easy one, but if you’re really worried about how you sound, just shake your hips a lot while singing the chorus. It’s a surefire distraction.

“Sweet Caroline” (Neil Diamond) – No one knows why, but people love Neil Diamond. And if you’re in a bar and there’s a Boston Red Sox or college frat kid within 50 feet, they’ll join in.

“Tubthumping” (Chumbawamba) – A no-brainer. Pretty much just a soccer chant with the same verse (“I get knocked down, but I get up again!”) shouted over and over again.

“Love Shack” (B-52s) – The B-52s make great audience-participation songs like this because of their spoken lyrics (Example: “Tin Roof, Rusted!”) mid-song. Same goes for “Rock Lobster.”

“Crushin’ It” (Brad Paisley) – This down-home ode to beer is just silly enough to be amusing and uncomplicated enough for even the biggest barfly to stumble through. You’ll crush it.

“Mamma Mia” (ABBA) – One of the Swedish sensation’s less complex songs, “Mamma Mia” requires almost no vocal melody or talent and, thanks to the movie and musical, most spectators know the words by heart.

“Crocodile Rock” (Elton John) – Any song where you can sing an exaggerated falsetto is great for the tone deaf and the “Naaa-na-na-na-na-na” chorus here is so silly, no one can accuse you of screwing it up.

“Blame It (on the Alcohol)” (Jamie Foxx featuring T. Pain) – In a bar? You can’t lose with this chart-topper, which becomes more entertaining the more slurred the words are.

“Party Rock” (LMFAO) – Pretty sure the statute of limitations for uncoolness has run out on this one, and besides, who doesn’t want to say, “Every day I’m shufflin'”?

Now, that you have a few songs in your noggin, next, practice at home. How? YouTube, silly. Or if you have a Samsung Smart TV, you can use the free MyMusicCloud app to access your entire music library from your TV and follow the words to songs on-screen with the “Lyrics” feature.

To find MyMusicCloud on your Samsung Smart TV, click the Smart Hub button on your TV’s remote control. If you don’t see the MyMusicCloud app on the front page of your Smart Hub, go to “Samsung Apps.” Press the down button to highlight the text box for searching, then use the voice controller to say the app name, or type it in with either a blue-tooth keyboard or your remote control. If you haven’t already activated your account through our app, simply follow the directions in our “How to Activate” post.

5 Cool Concert Apps

concert crowd, dancing, edm

There’s nothing like seeing your favorite bands rage live and in glorious person. But concert and music festival venues? They need some serious re-booting. First, you lose your friends in the massive stadium crowds. Then you can’t find a bathroom that hasn’t been trashed by the Insane Clown Posse. And where was that beer cart with the super-short lines again?

At last, you can stop experiencing concerts like a cave troll. You and your phone are smarter than that. Here are 5 awesome concert apps to try that will track your friends and important venue landmarks, plus help you shoot and share some awesome videos.

1) Bandsintown. First, you need to know who’s playing, where, and when. Bandsintown tracks your favorite musicians and sends you concert alerts when they’re playing nearby, creates a “concert cloud’ of bands playing locally, suggests recommendations based on your favorites, and connects you to hundreds of sites to buy tickets from so you can shop the lowest ticket price. On iTunes and Google Play. Free.

2) Z Location. Once you know your venue, instantly flag and name the locations of your parking spot, those clean bathrooms, short vendor lines, or uncrowded exit doors on this scarily fast mapping app. Share these must-have spots with your friends via text, email, Twitter, Facebook. On iTunes and Google Play. Free.

3) MyMusicCloud. Of course, we have to mention our own awesome store-and-play music app. Get pumped up for the show by creating a portable music playlist and taking it with you throughout the day — on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or Samsung smartwatch and Smart TV. Doesn’t matter if it’s an Apple, Android or Windows device, MyMusicCloud speaks all OS languages and you can listen without wifi too. On iTunes, Google Play, Windows, and Samsung TV app store. Free.

4) Glympse: Never text “Where R U?!?” again with this free app that tracks exactly where your friends are before, during and after a show. Create a group, add friends, and their movements and locations are shared and updated on maps in real time. Send group messages to keep everyone en pointe. On iTunes, Google Play, Windows Apps. Free.

5) Vyclone. Too far from the stage to get that really cool shot? No problem. Just log in to Vyclone and this app pulls videos, photos and sound from others at the same event and mashes them all together for some super cool videos. Appear ultra-popular as people from other groups are mixed into shots or add your own arty camera angles and closeups. On iTunes, Google Play, Windows App stores. Free.

These apps were live and usable as of June 2015 but, after that, YMMV. (Your mileage may vary.)

Updated: How to Listen to MyMusicCloud Songs Without WiFi

Album view

We’re making it easier and more intuitive to use the MyMusicCloud store-and-play service all the time, and we’ve upgraded it again. You already know our app makes your music library available on every device you use – PC, laptop, tablet, phone and even smart watches and smart TVs.  But another cool thing about our cloud-based music delivery service is that, with a few simple swipes, you can listen to your songs while offline — on a plane, subway train or even rappelling down a Tasmanian rock-face.

So how do you access your music when you’re offline? Here’s a quick user tip from our tech squad.

Songs you want to hear without wifi first need to be “downloaded” to your phone or tablet. There are a couple easy ways to accomplish this …

1. On our mobile app, press and hold any track, album or artist. A menu pops up with the option to “Download to Device.” Select it to make that track/album/artist available for offline listening.

2. Separately, there is also an option to download all content you add to your “Q” automatically. You can turn this option ON or OFF in the ACCOUNT section of the app. When this function is ON, any music you add to your Q to listen to is downloaded to your device automatically.

Music that has been successfully downloaded will display a small blue arrow icon. The arrow means that music is ready for offline rocking.

We hope this user tip helps you use our MyMusicCloud app and enjoy your music anywhere. For more tips, visit our Help & How To section here on the blog or click over to our new Support Center. In the Support Center, you’ll find answers to other people’s FAQs, and you can post questions of your own for our tech team to answer.

Tired of technology? Contact a human on our Support Team directly by filling out this form ..

Help: How to Activate MyMusicCloud on Your Smart TV


Edit: Many of our users know by now, but MyMusicCloud has officially become eMusic as of 09/25/17. 

eMusic provides all the features MMC users have used and love, such as access to any of your previously stored music and playlists, unlimited cloud storage & playback on multiple devices. It also includes much more – access to over 26 million tracks at up to 55% off iTunes pricing, access to free music every day, all year and access to premium sales and promotions.

If you just bought a Smart TV, congratulations! With a few simple steps, our MyMusicCloud app makes it easy for you to fill your home with all your music right from your Smart TV.

We’ve partnered with Samsung Smart TVs (the most popular brand), so you can play your favorite songs, make party playlists, and check out the latest releases from your favorite singers using your TV remote.

Once you have a free MyMusicCloud account, it’s simple to get started. Here’s how in 5 steps.

STEP 1: Click the Smart Hub button on your TV’s remote control. If you don’t see the MyMusicCloud app on the front page of your Smart Hub, go to “Samsung Apps.” Press the down button to highlight the text box for searching, then use the voice controller to say the app name, or type it in with either a blue-tooth keyboard or your remote control.

STEP 2. Once you see the MyMusicCloud TV app, click it. You’ll see a TV activation URL (format: The activation code is embedded in the URL; it’s the letters and digits after the ” / ” in the URL.

STEP 3. Type this URL into a browser on your computer, cellphone or tablet. If you choose a cellphone, it sends you to the App Store or Google Play to download the MyMusicCloud app. Download it. (Note that this URL is only valid for 1 hour, so if you get up to make snacks, text or answer a phone call and an hour passes, you’ll need to close the app on your TV and reopen it to get a new URL.)

STEP 4. Sign in to your existing MyMusicCloud account with your usual login and password, or create a new account by clicking “Sign In” on that same screen where you entered the URL. It’s free to upload and store all your music, plus listen to 250 songs anytime you want. (For first-timers, learn how to import your music by reading this step-by-step post.)

STEP 5. Check out your TV screen: It should now show that your account’s active and your music will be right there, ready to browse and play.

Still having trouble? For more FAQs, visit the Help & How to section in our blog. Or get personal help from our Support Team by filling out the form below


How to Free Up Space on Your Android Phone or Tablet

Ariana Grande and The Weeknd don’t look that big, so why are they hogging so much space on your phone or tablet? Or maybe it’s Haim, Shakira, or Luke Bryan who are swallowing your megabytes.

When you love music, you want to have your music collection at your fingertips wherever you go. But, eventually, that dreaded “Not Enough Space” window pops up, because your music collection is taking up too much precious storage on your cellphone or tablet.

Storage problems byte. You could delete some of your favorite apps, spend your heard-earned cash on a bigger SD memory card, or upgrade to a phone or tablet with more memory, but who wants to do that? Here’s a better idea: Take advantage of the free music storage service at MyMusicCloud.

The MyMusicCloud app stores your entire music collection in the cloud for FREE. Listen to any 250 songs, and when you’re sick of them, slide them back into the cloud and rotate in some new tunes. Or for a mere $40 / year, enjoy Unlimited Membership and play any of your songs on any of your devices (up to 10), regardless of brand (Apple, Android, Windows, Nokia, LG). It’s easy.

STEP 1. Create an account at and automatically upload your music from iTunes, Dropbox, Google Drive or anywhere on your computer’s hard drive. Our Sync Agent magically imports your albums for you. (Here’s how.)

STEP 2. Download the MyMusicCloud app to your Android phone or tablet (Or Samsung Smartwatch or even Smart TV). Log in and all your music is instantly right there.

STEP 3. Got songs floating around your cellphone or tablet that you want to store in the cloud? Just go to “Account” and click the “Sync Now” button. The app sniffs out music on your device and adds it to the cloud for you.

STEP 4. Once you can see all your songs safely stored in MyMusicCloud, delete them from your phone or tablet’s Music folder, freeing up space for games, photos, videos, movies, and more fun apps you’d rather use.

Don’t play storage wars another minute with your Android phone or tablet. Free yourself from storage limits with MyMusicCloud. For more tips, click the “Help & How To” category in our blog’s right-hand margin.

Traveling? 3 Tips to Enjoy Your Music on the Go

Flying, driving, or pedaling across the country this week? Whether you’re reuniting with family or fighting the airport crowds, you’ll want to have your favorite songs at your fingertips. With MyMusicCloud, you can upload and access your entire music collection wherever you are from nearly any device. Here are 3 tips to make listening on the go even easier:

1. Sync your devices.  Tablets, phones, laptops — Connect up to 10 devices to your MyMusicCloud account from Apple to Windows. Our service speaks every OS language. Just download the app, log in, and once you’ve imported it to one device, your music will be there waiting. You can even start a song on your phone, pause it, and resume playing on your tablet.

2. Choose your songs. Store as many songs as you like for free with our cloud-based music delivery service.  When you’re ready to listen, select from 250 playable songs. Want to swap one track for another? Just click the “TRACKS” tab and hover over the phone icon to the right of the song’s title to make it available on your mobile device.  Or listen to your entire library anytime through our unlimited plan (just $40 / year).

 3. Make a playlist. Hooked on the new Arcade Fire album? Or itching to hear anthems from your high school glory days? It’s easy to make a personal playlist. Select the “PLAYLISTS” tab, then click “Create New Playlist.” Once you’ve named it, hover over any song or album and click on the blue arrow.  Select “Add to Playlist” — to include the item you want. Feeling lazy? When you sign in, your home page will display a “Recommended Playlist” based on your recent listening habits. To change the recommendations, play songs like the ones you currently want to hear.

For more user tips, visit our FAQ or post a question in the comments section and we’ll do our best to answer it.