10 Best Hip Hop Pump Up Songs of 2014

Are you all about that bass, no treble? When you want to get pumped for running, lifting, or just riding that early morning bus or train, there’s nothing like the thumping sounds of hip-hop to jumpstart your heart.

This past year unleashed plenty of adrenaline-kicking new tracks, from T.I.’s relentless shout-out for “No Mediocre” ladies to Kendrick Lamar’s bouncy “I” and Eminem’s ferocious new “Detroit vs. Everybody.”

To get your hip hop playlist started, we’ve gathered 10 of Hip Hop’s Best Pump Up Songs of 2014 below with a little trap music and R&B flavor thrown in. Want more? When you listen to these on any smartphone, tablet or computer with MyMusicCloud, our free store-and-play app suggests similar songs from your library (just click on Recommended Songs), so you can keep the headphone party going as long as you like. So make like Lil Jon, and scroll down for WHAT …

10. “No Mediocre” – T.I. featuring Iggy Azalea
9. “Move That Dope” — Future featuring Pusha T, Pharrell, Casino,
8. “We Dem Boyz” – Wiz Khalifa
7. “Detroit vs. Everybody” – Eminem, Big Sean, Royce da 5’9”, Danny Brown, Trick Trick and Dej Loaf
6. “I“– Kendrick Lamar
5. “Black Widow” – Iggy Azalea featuring Rita Ora
4. “White Walls” — Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Schoolboy Q & Hollis
3. “Lose Yourself” (re-release) – Eminem
2. “Trophies“– Young Money featuring Drake
1. “Turn Down for What” — Lil Jon & DJ Snake

Must-Have Smart TV Apps for Every Family Member

One of the perks of the new Smart TVs is that they come loaded with one-click apps for your favorite websites like Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and YouTube, so you can lean back and enjoy your social media, TV shows, and Internet videos on a luxurious big screen.

But those aren’t the only cool things you can do with a smart TV. Here are 5 smart TV apps sure to please everyone in your family — from the football fan to the boy-band music lover and even the cute kitteh video watcher.

For the Football Fan: Yahoo! Fantasy Football App – With this gridiron app, your armchair quarterback can stay up to date on his weekly Yahoo! fantasy football game match-ups, team and player stats, and more through windows and scoreboards that pop up while he’s watching the game. Available on Yahoo! Connected TVs such as Vizio and select 2014 Samsung smart TVs.

For the Grandparents: Skype – Do NaNaw and PawPaw miss the grandkids? Or do they want to chat with relatives overseas? Skype’s video call service enables them to have face time with their loved ones through your TV screen.  New improvements this year also include group video and full HD video calls. Available on 2014 Samsung and other smart TV models with built-in cameras.

For the Music Lover: MyMusicCloudOur free music app plays your entire album collection through your TV from any smartphone, tablet, computer or Smart Watch regardless of brand (Apple, Android, Windows, etc.), so you can set the mood for any occasion. Available on Samsung Smart TVs.

For the Photographers & FilmMakers: MyDigiPack — This nifty cloud-based app stores all your important photos and home videos together in one place, so you can create a moving picture show in high definition on your HD TV or impress your family and friends on the go. Upload video of your baby’s first birthday from your Android phone, or those wild pics from your trip to the Burning Man music fest. Crop, rotate or colorize your photos and share them on your smartphones, tablets, or computers. Storage is free! Available on select Smart TVs.

For the Silly Cat and People Video Lovers:  VTV — Whether it’s a cat snuggling with a chicken or someone in a Bigfoot costume jumping out at hikers, Viral TV (VTV) pulls the weirdest and most viral videos off TV and the Web. Things like page views, how much they’re shared, and comments on Facebook pages decide which videos are suggested for viewing in a pop-up window. Available on Samsung smart TVs from the OnTV page.


The Top 10 Catchiest Songs Ever

There are songs you love, songs you hate, and then there are songs that are so annoyingly catchy, you find yourself singing them in the shower and humming them in the car, even if you don’t like them. Why in the world is that?

A group of British scientists decided to find out, and created an ingenious web test to do so. Curious about why some tunes like Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” or Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” became not only top 10 hits, but cultural landmarks, researchers at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester invented an online game called Hooked on Music, featuring clips from 1,000 hit songs over the past 70 years (the top-selling 40 tracks from each decade since the 1940s).

The test includes four parts: “Recognize that Tune,” in which you hum along with a track that suddenly drops sound, and then report whether you’re still in time when it resumes; “What’s the Hook,” in which you listen to two different clips from the same song and choose which is catchier; “Time Trial,” where you try to recognize as many songs as possible in three minutes; and “In a Row, ” where you must identify as many songs in a row as you can. (Take the fun test yourself here at HookedonMusic.)

So which songs made the top 10 list? It may not surprise you to learn that Lady Gaga and Whitney Houston are there, but you might scratch your head over some of the others. (It’s a U.K.-originated test after all, so English-speaking acts tend to rule.) See if your favorite songs made the list of Top 10 Catchiest Songs Ever.

1. Spice Girls – Wannabe

2. Lou Bega – Mambo No 5

3. Survivor – Eye of the Tiger

4. Lady Gaga – Just Dance


6. Roy Orbison – Pretty Woman

7. Michael Jackson – Beat It

8. Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

9. The Human League – Don’t You Want Me

10. Aerosmith – I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

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Introducing the New, Upgraded MyMusicCloud

You may have noticed some changes at MyMusicCloud recently. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been revving and rebooting our cloud-based music delivery service to bring you an even faster, smarter, and simpler music-listening experience.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the lift-off of our beautiful, newly upgraded music player and mobile apps.  Visit MyMusicCloud.com and take a spin in our new player, which offers glossy photos of your favorite musicians and cool new features like our Album and Artists of the Day, introducing you to new and existing bands you might like. While you’re there, check out your Recommended Tracks and Playlists, suggested by your current collection and listening habits.

MyMusicCloud enables you to seamlessly upload your entire music collection into the cloud, so you can play your songs on any device, anywhere, regardless of brand or operating system. Access up to 250 tracks for free with our Basic Plan or upgrade to an Unlimited Plan for just $40 a year (less than the price of 1 fancy muffin per month in most cities). (For more information on MyMusicCloud’s pricing plans, go here.)

In addition, all of our MyMusicCloud apps are being updated, including those for Apple iTunes, Android via Google Play, Nokia, Windows phone, Blackberry, and smart TVs by Samsung and Toshiba. New iOS and Google Play apps are available today.

We love our loyal subscribers around the globe (we’re fluent in 22 languages, baby!).  So as a thank you to the 250,000 of you who already “Like” and pay for our service, all existing MyMusicCloud paying users have been automatically upgraded to MyMusicCloud’s new Unlimited Plan — at no additional cost — for one year.

At MyMusicCloud, our core philosophy has always been that music should be share-able. Whether you listen on a PC, iPad, Android phone or smart TV, we don’t think you should be handcuffed to one brand of player or device.

“Since our launch, we’ve believed in the power of music collections and the importance of making them available on every device, anywhere,” says MyMusicCloud Founder and CEO, Tamir Koch.

To see all the different ways you can enjoy your music with MyMusicCloud, check out the video below. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we enter this exciting new phase. For tips on how to navigate the new player, visit our FAQ page. We’ll also be sharing how-to advice here on our blog, so please check back weekly and let us know what you think of the new MyMusicCloud.  Happy listening.


Music for Your Morning Commute


Is your morning commute a chore filled with stop-and-go traffic, obnoxious fellow drivers, or jam-packed trains or buses? Here at MyMusicCloud, we want to enable you to hit the mute button on those pesky distractions, and transform your commute into a pleasant, dare we even say – joyful? — experience.

With MyMusicCloud, you can shut out the traffic and noise wherever you are, and bliss out to your favorite songs. MyMusicCloud streams your favorite pop tunes, dance singles and workout mixes wherever you are, even offline. Your music library is always at your fingertips with our cloud-based music delivery service. So you can pump up the jams anywhere from any device—mobile phones, Macs, PCs, tablets and more – without fumbling for CDs or worrying about interruptions.

Start your day at home with a cup of coffee and your favorite get-up-and-go jam, then utilize our smart queue to seamlessly pick up the same song in your car or on your mobile phone at the gym. It doesn’t matter whether you take the subway or the bus, your music is always with you: online or off.

Now that you’re excited for that morning commute, what will your morning playlist look like? Here are some mood-boosting tunes from our MyMusicCloud staff:

10. It’s a Beautiful Day [U2]

9. Walking on Sunshine [Katrina and the Waves]

8. Fantasy [Earth, Wind and Fire]

7. Get What You Give [New Radicals]

6. Sing for the Moment [Eminem]

5. Good Morning, Good Morning [Beatles]

4. Gonna Fly Now (“Rocky”’s Theme) [Bill Conti]

3. Wake Up and Live [Bob Marley & the Wailers]

2. Titanium [David Guetta featuring Sia]

1. Make It Happen [Mariah Carey]

Post a comment about your favorite adrenaline-pumping morning songs!

MyMusicCloud and Dropbox: A Match Made in Cloud Heaven

For music lovers in the know, Dropbox got in early on the cloud game. Since the remote storage giant accepts any type of file, you could upload your songs and albums to Dropbox–long before the space gained more players.

For those interested in joining the growing movement toward freedom of music choice (i.e. our customers), this is terrific news. As of last week, MyMusicCloud users can visit the Sync section on their Account page, click the ‘Sync’ button, and automatically sync their music libraries directly from Dropbox to any and every device and computer on the market. New users can sync their accounts with Dropbox as part of the ‘getting started’ process.

The advantages are many. You can store your music in Dropbox, and rather than relying on an internet connection to stream it every time you want to listen, you can sync it to MyMusicCloud, and play it while offline. You can also enjoy all the other features of MyMusicCloud that are not available on Dropbox, such as playlist creation, ringtone cropping, access to lyrics, and Facebook sharing.

If you’ve already stored your music on Dropbox, you don’t need to re-sync your entire library. The syncing process is effortless, automated (it’ll pull down all music files without requiring your input), and rapid.

Regardless of your location, the new capability is to your advantage. Unlike the cloud storage services on Google, Amazon, and Apple, Dropbox and MyMusicCloud are both as available to Australians as they are to Israelis, Germans, Argentineans, and the Taiwanese. It’s the cloud storage solution for jet setters and world citizens alike. Look for more information on our global capabilities…in our next blog post.