Don’t Wait for Apple Watch. Get the Free U2 Album on Your Wrist Now!

How cool was Apple’s Tuesday product event? The tech giant blew the roof off by announcing newer and bigger iPhones, introducing the Apple watch, and then bringing out Bono and the boys to give away U2’s latest album, “Songs of Innocence,” free to iPhone and iTunes users.

It’s all good news for “iFans.” Except for. Well, it’s just that … Now, you have to camp outside an Apple store, or fight the trolls online, to pre-order your iPhone 6 (starting today), and just pray to the ghost of Steve Jobs that they don’t sell out before they ship on Sept. 19. And those cool Apple watches? They’re not out till 2015.

Or — just a thought — you could check out the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smart watches, which are already in stores and do more things than the Apple watch. Both have sleek square faces, but instead of a clunky knob on the side like Apple’s, the Gear 2 has a button on the watch face, plus a 2-megapixel camera. (Apple’s watch doesn’t offer a camera.)

Besides enabling you to place calls and text, the Samsung Gear watches free you to listen to your entire digital music collection anywhere with the MyMusicCloud app. Our free music storage app works on- and off-line, and syncs your music across any smart device – tablet, phone, laptop, Smart TV – regardless of brand (Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows, etc.).

With a Bluetooth headset, you can kick it to Kenny Chesney, or whomever you love, via your Samsung Gear 2 and cell phone. And that free U2 album? You can only hear it in iTunes, right? Nope.

Once you’ve downloaded “Songs of Innocence” to iTunes, you can easily add it to your MyMusicCloud library and listen on any smart device. Just launch the MyMusicCloud app and hit the “Import Music” button (it looks like an arrow pointing up). Once you’ve installed our Sync Agent software, it automatically imports it for you.

Or you can manually select the album from your iTunes music folder on your hard drive and import it. That way, your music is always together in one place, not scattered around different devices. See how easy it is to listen to your music on all your gadgets in our demo video below.

Or you could just stick with only Apple devices, and wait, because waiting is cool too, right?

Discover the Best Music of SXSW 2012 With MyMusicCloud

For music fans, singers and producers, the hottest place to be each March is the South by Southwest music festival happening now in Austin, Texas. SXSW (or #SXSW on Twitter) is where artists like John Mayer and James Blunt got discovered, and it’s the spot music enthusiasts from all walks turn to hear the freshest sounds.

We at MyMusicCloud couldn’t be more excited about SXSW 2012, which got the crowd jumping Monday night with a knock-out concert by Jay-Z. At a packed theater, the hip-hop superstar electrified fans with hits like “Empire State of Mind” and “Big Pimpin’.”

But you don’t have to hop a 757 to hear Jay-Z or any of SXSW’s cutting-edge new bands. Our MyMusicCloud store has 11 million tracks from rappers like Jay-Z along with more irresistible, chart-climbing albums in our New Releases section. You can even delve deeper into your favorite Genre categories like Drum N Bass, Metal, World Music or Country. Our cloud-based music delivery service helps you discover more of what you like – whether it’s the classic rock sound of The Sheepdogs or the lilting vocals of Florence and the Machine.

Found something you adore? Through your MyMusicCloud account, you can tell your Facebook friends what you’re listening to with our easy “Share” button. Ping them with your new discoveries and have a blast discussing your  opinions.

We’re so committed to growing our cloud-based music delivery service to bring you the newest music that we’re working on a more enhanced discovery mechanism to be released in the next few months.

Until then, here are some of SXSW 2012’s artists that we think are worth a listen:

Blondfire: Brother-sister duo with a “Foster the People”-like sound.

Jillian Edwards: Sweet-voiced folk singer.

Ruthie Foster: Soulful blues crooner and 2010 Grammy nominee.

Kendrick Lamar: Inventive Cali rapper with an arty bent.

Night Beat: Experimental rock with a ’60s flavor.

Nikki Lane: Rockabilly country with a nod to Loretta Lynn.

Peanut Butter Wolf: Stones Throw hip-hop label founder and DJ.

Radaid: Spanish world folk blended with electronica.

Wild Child: Dreamy pop-folk band with a ukulele.

Yellow Ostrich: Earnest NYC indie rockers.

Tell us about your favorite new bands!

Music for Your Morning Commute


Is your morning commute a chore filled with stop-and-go traffic, obnoxious fellow drivers, or jam-packed trains or buses? Here at MyMusicCloud, we want to enable you to hit the mute button on those pesky distractions, and transform your commute into a pleasant, dare we even say – joyful? — experience.

With MyMusicCloud, you can shut out the traffic and noise wherever you are, and bliss out to your favorite songs. MyMusicCloud streams your favorite pop tunes, dance singles and workout mixes wherever you are, even offline. Your music library is always at your fingertips with our cloud-based music delivery service. So you can pump up the jams anywhere from any device—mobile phones, Macs, PCs, tablets and more – without fumbling for CDs or worrying about interruptions.

Start your day at home with a cup of coffee and your favorite get-up-and-go jam, then utilize our smart queue to seamlessly pick up the same song in your car or on your mobile phone at the gym. It doesn’t matter whether you take the subway or the bus, your music is always with you: online or off.

Now that you’re excited for that morning commute, what will your morning playlist look like? Here are some mood-boosting tunes from our MyMusicCloud staff:

10. It’s a Beautiful Day [U2]

9. Walking on Sunshine [Katrina and the Waves]

8. Fantasy [Earth, Wind and Fire]

7. Get What You Give [New Radicals]

6. Sing for the Moment [Eminem]

5. Good Morning, Good Morning [Beatles]

4. Gonna Fly Now (“Rocky”’s Theme) [Bill Conti]

3. Wake Up and Live [Bob Marley & the Wailers]

2. Titanium [David Guetta featuring Sia]

1. Make It Happen [Mariah Carey]

Post a comment about your favorite adrenaline-pumping morning songs!