Help MyMusicCloud to go viral! And Get Free Storage as a Thank You

Here at MyMusicCloud, we love marketing our cloud-based music delivery service. In the process, we get to discover new artists, receive comments from satisfied customers, and even follow music festivals around the world.

But our own marketing doesn’t hold a candle to yours. We can brag, get the word out, and circulate all of the fun that’s inherent in a world filled with accessible, awesome, diverse, and up-to-date music. But the best testimonial comes from you. Your friends and family know you, and they trust you. Put in a good word for our music service to your friends and family, and it’s 100 times stronger than anything we can say about ourselves. Wouldn’t you agree?

That’s why we’re asking you to help us go viral. Invite your friends using our special link on Facebook, Twitter, email, and MyMusicCloud web app. And we’ll thank you for it.

See, here’s the deal:

  • For every friend that completes the registration process, you’ll receive 250MB of additional storage. That’s dozens of songs—just for getting them to sign up!
  • Get 12 friends to register, and you can earn up to 3GB of additional storage—all for free. That’s over 600 songs of free listening on any device, any time you want to.

Share away, and get rewarded with free storage. And then smile as your friends and family thank you for another wonderful recommendation. Log into your account, click on the promo banner on the top right, and spread the word!