How to Free Up Space on Your Android Phone or Tablet

Ariana Grande and The Weeknd don’t look that big, so why are they hogging so much space on your phone or tablet? Or maybe it’s Haim, Shakira, or Luke Bryan who are swallowing your megabytes.

When you love music, you want to have your music collection at your fingertips wherever you go. But, eventually, that dreaded “Not Enough Space” window pops up, because your music collection is taking up too much precious storage on your cellphone or tablet.

Storage problems byte. You could delete some of your favorite apps, spend your heard-earned cash on a bigger SD memory card, or upgrade to a phone or tablet with more memory, but who wants to do that? Here’s a better idea: Take advantage of the free music storage service at MyMusicCloud.

The MyMusicCloud app stores your entire music collection in the cloud for FREE. Listen to any 250 songs, and when you’re sick of them, slide them back into the cloud and rotate in some new tunes. Or for a mere $40 / year, enjoy Unlimited Membership and play any of your songs on any of your devices (up to 10), regardless of brand (Apple, Android, Windows, Nokia, LG). It’s easy.

STEP 1. Create an account at and automatically upload your music from iTunes, Dropbox, Google Drive or anywhere on your computer’s hard drive. Our Sync Agent magically imports your albums for you. (Here’s how.)

STEP 2. Download the MyMusicCloud app to your Android phone or tablet (Or Samsung Smartwatch or even Smart TV). Log in and all your music is instantly right there.

STEP 3. Got songs floating around your cellphone or tablet that you want to store in the cloud? Just go to “Account” and click the “Sync Now” button. The app sniffs out music on your device and adds it to the cloud for you.

STEP 4. Once you can see all your songs safely stored in MyMusicCloud, delete them from your phone or tablet’s Music folder, freeing up space for games, photos, videos, movies, and more fun apps you’d rather use.

Don’t play storage wars another minute with your Android phone or tablet. Free yourself from storage limits with MyMusicCloud. For more tips, click the “Help & How To” category in our blog’s right-hand margin.

Don’t Wait for Apple Watch. Get the Free U2 Album on Your Wrist Now!

How cool was Apple’s Tuesday product event? The tech giant blew the roof off by announcing newer and bigger iPhones, introducing the Apple watch, and then bringing out Bono and the boys to give away U2’s latest album, “Songs of Innocence,” free to iPhone and iTunes users.

It’s all good news for “iFans.” Except for. Well, it’s just that … Now, you have to camp outside an Apple store, or fight the trolls online, to pre-order your iPhone 6 (starting today), and just pray to the ghost of Steve Jobs that they don’t sell out before they ship on Sept. 19. And those cool Apple watches? They’re not out till 2015.

Or — just a thought — you could check out the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smart watches, which are already in stores and do more things than the Apple watch. Both have sleek square faces, but instead of a clunky knob on the side like Apple’s, the Gear 2 has a button on the watch face, plus a 2-megapixel camera. (Apple’s watch doesn’t offer a camera.)

Besides enabling you to place calls and text, the Samsung Gear watches free you to listen to your entire digital music collection anywhere with the MyMusicCloud app. Our free music storage app works on- and off-line, and syncs your music across any smart device – tablet, phone, laptop, Smart TV – regardless of brand (Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows, etc.).

With a Bluetooth headset, you can kick it to Kenny Chesney, or whomever you love, via your Samsung Gear 2 and cell phone. And that free U2 album? You can only hear it in iTunes, right? Nope.

Once you’ve downloaded “Songs of Innocence” to iTunes, you can easily add it to your MyMusicCloud library and listen on any smart device. Just launch the MyMusicCloud app and hit the “Import Music” button (it looks like an arrow pointing up). Once you’ve installed our Sync Agent software, it automatically imports it for you.

Or you can manually select the album from your iTunes music folder on your hard drive and import it. That way, your music is always together in one place, not scattered around different devices. See how easy it is to listen to your music on all your gadgets in our demo video below.

Or you could just stick with only Apple devices, and wait, because waiting is cool too, right?

We’ve Added New Smart Features to Our Free Android Music App

PlaylistsAlbum view Recommended PlaylistPlayerPlayer lockMenu on long press_on any track album artistLyrics KatyPerryAlbum view with similar albums

Android phone and tablet users, now you can do more than ever with your music on the go. Our new MyMusicCloud app is now in the Google Play store and gives you much more creative control, whether you’re listening on- or off-line.

The upgraded app includes more of the web portal’s “smart” features, such as our convenient song lyric fetcher and artist recommendations. We’ve also made the menu choices more intuitive, and the band photos richer and larger. And, as always with MyMusicCloud, you can store and play your music on any computer, smartphone, tablet or Smart TV, regardless of operating system.

When you update the MyMusicCloud app, here’s what you’ll get:

• Portable playlist management: Create and edit music playlists right on your tablet or smartphone

• Smart playlist suggestions: Enter a track, album or artist and instantly receive a playlist of similar singers and songs from your collection

• More music control: Now, you can sync, unsync and delete songs from your device anytime

• Like Adele, Eminem or Ariana Grande? Enjoy music recommendations for similar albums and artists

• Access to lyrics, concerts, and artist biographies right on your screen

• Both full-screen and mini-player options

We’ve also added a complete features menu when you press and hold any track, album, artist or playlist; full control over track upload/download (WiFi, 3G, etc); mobile account and device management; continuous new music syncing; and improved song, artist and album search.

Download it today and see for yourself in the Google Play store.

The Latest from Internet Week New York

Yummy iMac-shaped cupcakes, mounted Instagram galleries, and public tours inside the top-secret offices of Facebook and Gawker were just a few of the perks at this year’s Internet Week New York summit. Web stars like Tumblr’s David Karp and comics like Patton Oswalt mingled with the masses, while some of the 250 events tackled fun topics like internet dating, freestyle rapping and how to pitch the perfect cross-platform (TV, movie, Web, gaming, mobile) story.

The music and entertainment worlds are all abuzz with the phrase “cross-platforming,” but if you use MyMusicCloud, you’re already doing it. Cross-platforming simply means enjoying media, like music, photos, or TV shows, across different types of devices.

Our cloud-based music delivery service has been offering music lovers that freedom since we launched in September 2011. Remember when you were frustrated by your inability to sync your iTunes library from home with your work PC or Android phone? Because Apple wouldn’t let you have it your way, you were stuck pulling out your iPod, or worse: sitting in silence.

But with MyMusicCloud, you can keep your BlackBerry, Nokia, iPhone, Android, Sony Ericsson, or any other phone; hold on to your iMac, MacBook, net book, iPad, or PC. Your music collection is always available and in complete sync on all of your devices.

And you can even listen offline. Checking out Bruce Springsteen’s new single? Start it on one device, then seamlessly pick it up on another. Or share your favorite tunes on Facebook. Even double-check the lyrics with the click of a button.

So viva la internet and let the music play!

A Cloud-Based Music Service for Android Users

Are you one of the 300 million new mobile phone users who have switched to an Android phone? If so, you’re going to need a place to store your music, and MyMusicCloud is just the app you need.

With MyMusicCloud, you can take your music collection anywhere: to the beach, park, and even places you’re stuck waiting for hours, like doctor’s offices or the DMV. Our cloud-based delivery service syncs all your music effortlessly across any device or platform, from your PC to your Droid phone, around the world. Access your favorite house music even if you’re offline on the subway.

Android phones are now the fastest-selling phones on the planet. On a blog post from February 2012, Google’s senior vice president of mobile, Andy Rubin, revealed that Google’s phone partners (HTC, LG Electronics, Motorola and Samsung) have activated “over 850,000 phones and tablets per day” – up from 500,000 per day in June 2011.

At MyMusicCloud, we welcome all the brand-new Android users. But Apple, Blackberry, and Nokia fans needn’t feel left out, because our cloud-based music delivery service works just as smoothly across your operating systems too.

Have your music library synced across any device, play your music on one device and pick up where you left on another, and create and play customized playlists from almost anywhere: whether you’re running at the gym to Maroon 5, perking up your morning commute with Michael Bublé, or playing your favorite Adele tunes to a friend’s wine and book party.

Tell us: Which device do you like to play your music on and why?