Viral Video Alert: Watch Halloween House Sing ‘What Does the Fox Say’

Giant spiders and inflatable witches are popping up on front lawns all across the U.S. as Americans prepare to celebrate their favorite spooky holiday, Halloween. But one Virginia homeowner has taken his love for the season to a hilarious new level by decorating his house in lights synced to the silly music hit of the season: “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say).”

Using over 8,500 lights and roughly 1,066 channels of computer animation, the Edwards family home brings life to the goofy song with lighted tombstones, ghosts and a moving LED mouth that “sings” the famed lyrics, “Dog goes woof, cat goes meow, bird goes tweet, mouse goes squeak  …”  No music is broadcast outside but viewers can laugh along to the perfectly synchronized concert by tuning their cars’ FM radios to a station to “hear the lights” sing.

It’s just another win for “The Fox,” the dance music spoof by the Norwegian Ylvis brothers that has become a worldwide viral video sensation. The song is so popular that costume stores are reportedly selling out of adult fox costumes this season.

The folks at music store-and- play site MyMusicCloud wish you a Happy Halloween and hope you enjoy watching the Edwards’ home sing the “The Fox” below. (Then see the original music video that started it all below that…. )

MyMusicCloud’s Viral Video Alert: Stars Dance to ‘Get Lucky’

Picture “Breaking Bad”’s Bryan Cranston roller boogeying around a disco dance floor. Jeff Bridges getting down in a stairwell. Matt Damon shimmying like a gameshow contestant in a glass case filled with flying confetti.  If any of these images make you grin even a little, you’re in luck.

This month’s edition of our MyMusicCloud Viral Video Alert spotlights comedian Stephen Colbert’s StePhest Colbchella ‘013 Dance Party. Each year, the wacky talk-show holds his annual star-studded tribute to pop music. In case you missed it, last week he declared Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” “The Song of the Summer of the Century.”

But when the funky robots from Daft Punk wouldn’t appear on his Comedy Central show, “The Stephen Colbert Report,” the be-suited Colbert strutted out of the studio and joined his various celeb friends for dancing cameos instead.  Bridges, Cranston and Damon are just a few of the stars captured in the music video dancing to “Get Lucky,” along with Hugh Laurie, Jimmy Fallon, and the New York City Rockettes.

Check out Colbert’s celeb posse and admire his carefree twirling at the same time in StePhest Colbchella ‘013 – “Daft Punk’d” ….–013—daft-punk-d?xrs=share_copy

Viral Video Alert: Watch U.K. Newlyweds Start Wedding FlashMob

It’s wedding season around the world, and what’s more fun than watching a bride and groom bust a move at the altar along with their surprisingly limber reverend?

In this month’s Viral Video Alert, British newlyweds Tracy and Gary Richardson leave a very memorable impression on their wedding guests, and the world. Shortly after pledging their vows in Rotherham, England, the couple surprised guests with a hilariously fun choreographed dance to a medley of popular wedding reception hits.

The choir, wedding party, and several guests jump in too, but the show-stealer? That has to be the exuberant Rev. Kate Bottley.

Watch for yourself and, if you like it, save it to your MyMusicCloud library, where you can store and play all of your favorite music and video hits across any device.

Viral Video Alert: Astronaut Chris Hadfield Covers David Bowie in Space

Haunting, poetic and definitely far out are just a few of the ways to describe the first music video actually sung and recorded 240 miles from Earth in outer space.

The Star Man would be proud.

During his five-month orbit, real-life astronaut Chris Hadfield filmed himself singing the vocals to David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” inside the International Space Station. “Ground control to Major Tom,” he croons eerily while our marbled blue planet drifts by behind him, and, “Here am I sitting in a tin can,” as he literally floats weightless inside the cylindrical capsule.

So he can pilot a space station. But even more incredible, he’s actually a good singer. Is there anything astronauts can’t do?

Turns out Hadfield sings in several bands down here on terrafirma. And it doesn’t hurt to have an actual former Bowie band member, Emma Gryner, backing him up. She and a producer, filmmaker and Bowie himself were in on the project before Hadfield launched into space, according to British publication The Independent.

“CHRIS HADFIELD SINGS SPACE ODDITY IN SPACE! ‘Hallo Spaceboy…’”, Bowie tweeted this week.

Watch the video below and if you like it, store it in your MyMusicCloud video library. Our cloud-based music delivery service plays your videos and music on nearly any device, anywhere (except maybe space).

Want more songs about spacemen? Check out our cosmic playlist here.

Viral Video Alert: Thrift Shop Parody Starring Pets Plus Psy Releases New Song

The comedians at Barely Political are taking aim at top 40 music hit “Thrift Shop,” the silly and addictive song  by Seattle artists Macklemore and Ryan Lewis about shopping for cheap clothes. The original video, featuring Macklemore and Ryan in fur coats, has been viewed on YouTube more than 210 million times. 

In this hilarious parody called “Pet Shop,” Barely Political mocks Macklemore’s appearance and mission as the singer goes shopping for pets, which are played by puppets.  Yes, puppets. “I’m gonna pet some cats and I got Snausages in my pocket,” he sings.

“Pet Shop” is April’s MyMusicCloud choice in our ongoing Viral Video Alert series. It’s fun for pet-lovers, puppetry fans and people just plain sick of Macklemore.

Speaking of viral videos, Korean YouTube sensation Psy released a new single this week, called “Gentleman.” The techno-heavy song includes puzzling new lines such as, “I am a party mafia!” and the refrain, “I am a mother father gentleman.” The music video is expected to drop any minute.

Did you know you can upload and store your own videos on our MyMusicCloud site? Make your own music parodies in any format, hit the Upload link on our dashboard and then watch them on your phone, tablet or notebook wherever you are.

Thanks for reading and enjoy Barely Political’s “Pet Shop” …

MyMusicCloud Viral Video Alert: The Harlem Shake

“Harlem Shake,” a wild, musical mashup of electronica and bass by Brooklyn music producer Baauer, has conquered YouTUbe and shot to No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Song chart all thanks to a weird viral video and thousands of YouTube copycats.

If you haven’t seen the spoofs by Los Angeles KIIS-FM DJ Ryan Seacrest, members of the Norwegian army, or via email from the comic cutups in your office, we’ve posted a few videos of it below.

Essentially, each runs about 30 seconds, and follows the same visual gag. A group of people are milling about while one weirdo in a mask or helmet dances nonsensically to Baauer’s “Harlem Shake.” Jumpcut to the next scene, in which everyone, many in costume, are also spasming and gyrating to the song.

Like flash mobs or “Gangnam Style,” you’ll either love or hate this Internet meme. If you love it, listen to “Harlem Shake” or buy the original Bauer song for 99 cents in our MyMusicCloud music store. You can even further spread the trend (and annoy your pals!) by cutting a mobile phone ringtone for it with our “Ringtone” tool. Just log on to our cloud-based music delivery service, click the options arrow icon that appears next to the song title and choose Create Ringtone. A pop-up box allows you to play the song and pick the section you want to use – drag the markers to point the beginning and end of your ringtone and that’s it!

How do these viral videos catch on? “Harlem Shake” caught fire when a vlogger named Filthy Frank uploaded his version to his DisastaMusic YouTube channel on Feb. 2. Suddenly 3,000 copies were uploaded by tickled viewers. We can’t predict what will trend next, but we’ll alert you to new videos every few weeks here on MyMusicCloud’s Viral Video Alert blog series. Until then, enjoy our music sharing and storage service (2 gigabytes free!) and pick your favorite “Harlem Shake” video below:

Ryan Seacrest and friends (Can you spot the Kardashians?)

Norwegian Army

Wieden + Kennedy Portland Edition