MyMusicCloud has officially become eMusic

Many of our users know by now, but MyMusicCloud has officially become eMusic as of 09/25/17.

eMusic provides all the features MMC users have used and love, such as access to any of your previously stored music and playlists, unlimited cloud storage & playback on multiple devices. It also includes much more – access to over 26 million tracks at up to 55% off iTunes pricing, access to free music every day, all year and access to premium sales and promotions.

5 Cool Concert Apps

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There’s nothing like seeing your favorite bands rage live and in glorious person. But concert and music festival venues? They need some serious re-booting. First, you lose your friends in the massive stadium crowds. Then you can’t find a bathroom that hasn’t been trashed by the Insane Clown Posse. And where was that beer cart with the super-short lines again?

At last, you can stop experiencing concerts like a cave troll. You and your phone are smarter than that. Here are 5 awesome concert apps to try that will track your friends and important venue landmarks, plus help you shoot and share some awesome videos.

1) Bandsintown. First, you need to know who’s playing, where, and when. Bandsintown tracks your favorite musicians and sends you concert alerts when they’re playing nearby, creates a “concert cloud’ of bands playing locally, suggests recommendations based on your favorites, and connects you to hundreds of sites to buy tickets from so you can shop the lowest ticket price. On iTunes and Google Play. Free.

2) Z Location. Once you know your venue, instantly flag and name the locations of your parking spot, those clean bathrooms, short vendor lines, or uncrowded exit doors on this scarily fast mapping app. Share these must-have spots with your friends via text, email, Twitter, Facebook. On iTunes and Google Play. Free.

3) MyMusicCloud. Of course, we have to mention our own awesome store-and-play music app. Get pumped up for the show by creating a portable music playlist and taking it with you throughout the day — on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or Samsung smartwatch and Smart TV. Doesn’t matter if it’s an Apple, Android or Windows device, MyMusicCloud speaks all OS languages and you can listen without wifi too. On iTunes, Google Play, Windows, and Samsung TV app store. Free.

4) Glympse: Never text “Where R U?!?” again with this free app that tracks exactly where your friends are before, during and after a show. Create a group, add friends, and their movements and locations are shared and updated on maps in real time. Send group messages to keep everyone en pointe. On iTunes, Google Play, Windows Apps. Free.

5) Vyclone. Too far from the stage to get that really cool shot? No problem. Just log in to Vyclone and this app pulls videos, photos and sound from others at the same event and mashes them all together for some super cool videos. Appear ultra-popular as people from other groups are mixed into shots or add your own arty camera angles and closeups. On iTunes, Google Play, Windows App stores. Free.

These apps were live and usable as of June 2015 but, after that, YMMV. (Your mileage may vary.)

Smart TV- Was It Really The Must-Have Connected Device of 2014?

Last year we posted the Infographic below, based on data around Holiday season buying trends. Our prediction was that Smart TVs were going to be the must-have connected devices of 2014. Were we right?

Well, according to a report released by Futuresource Consulting (available here) by the end of the year 30% of homes in developed regions will own a Smart TV. This follows trends in our research from last year and sees penetration growing by a further 10% from 2013.

Will Smart TVs continue to be the must-have connected device this coming year? With Google and Sony stepping up their game in the market recently, you would assume Apple won’t be too far behind, and it’s hard to imagine the growth slowing.

Check out the Infographic from last year.

Viral Video Alert: Watch Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull’s World Cup Bloopers

Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull nearly got stuck below stage Thursday night while performing live before millions at the 2014 FIFA World Cup opening ceremonies in Sao Paolo, Brazil, and even if you don’t know a goal from a guava pastelito, we think you’ll get a *kick* out of the video.

While singing the soccer tournament’s theme, “We Are One (Ole Ola),” the superstar duo was supposed to emerge from below stage on a motorized platform. But the electric riser they were standing on had other plans – or maybe it was just grooving to the beat. Halfway up it stopped, reversed, started to descend and then froze, stranding Jennifer and Pitbull about mid-stage inside the set, which resembled a giant unpeeled orange.

Being the pros they are, they recovered, and Jennifer and Brazilian pop star Claudia Leitte (dressed in blue) awkwardly jumped around in spike heels while Pitbull rapped, wearing what appeared to be his grandfather’s pants. But the night’s goofups weren’t over.

Throughout “We Are One,” the Latin sensations encountered sound and microphone problems. Did they handle the situation with grace, or did these mega-stars lose face? Watch the video below and tell us.

Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull perform at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony …

New iPad Music App Now Available

Hey, music fans, do you love playing your music collection on your iPad? If so, we’ve got some great news for you. We’ve been hard at work upgrading our MyMusicCloud iPad app, and the new, improved version is now available to download.

Our new iPad music app looks more like the easy-to-use web version with many more cool new features.  You can …

  • Swipe to create new music playlists or edit existing ones
  • See brand-new album and artist recommendations personalized to what you already like
  • Review your Most Played and Recently Played or Purchased songs
  • Instantly pull up song lyrics and learn more about artists on our biography pages

As always, you can play and pause songs across PCs, laptops, and smartphones regardless of brand (even smart watches too), access your uploaded music library anywhere, post what you’re listening to on Facebook, and store all your music for free (play more than 250 songs for less than $4 / month or just $40 / year). Download the iPad app now here.

New Pop, Dance & Country Summer Music with 2014 Release Dates

Shed those winter layers and celebrate the return of warm-weather temps with some fresh new summer music. Whether you’re into bad girls (Miranda Lambert, Lana Del Rey), bad boys (50 Cent, Jack White, Robin Thicke) or just want some fun tunes to bliss out to, our Summer 2014 Music Guide has just what the lifeguard ordered. So raise your red Solo cups and prepare to download these soon-to-be hits …

May 27

Mariah Carey (Me. I Am Mariah … The Elusive Chanteuse) Can Mimi reclaim her pop throne from adorable rival Ariana Grande? Nas, Miguel, Wale, and Fabolous give her a boost.

Cher Lloyd (Sorry I’m Late) More irresistible vocals like “I Wish” from Britain’s playful pop princess.

Robin & Royksopp (Do It Again) A five-song “mini-album” from the dance queen and the Norwegian super duo.

This Wild Life (Clouded) Hypnotic acoustics and winking lyrics from the clever, new Calif. duo.

June 3

50 Cent (Animal Ambition) The unstoppable rapper returns with his trademark swagger and new friends like Kidd Kidd.

Lucy Hale (Road Between) The country pop debut from TV’s
“Pretty little Liars” cutie.

Miranda Lambert (Platinum) Country’s naughty blonde recruits some fun pals for her latest hitmaker — “Smokin’ and Drinkin'” features Little Big Town, “All That’s Left” includes the Time Jumpers, and her naughty duet with Carrie Underwood, “Somethin’ Bad,” just premiered at the Billboard Music Awards.

Echo & the Bunnymen (Meteorites) New comfort music for fans of the ’80s alt-rock band.

Sia (1000 Forms of Fear) After writing for Rihanna ( “Diamonds”), Ne-Yo (“Let Me Love You”) and Britney Spears (“Perfume”), Sia shows off her pop chops.

June 10

Chrissie Hynde (Stockholm) Still cool after all these years, The Pretenders’ iconic babe updates her instrumental sound in this smooth solo project.

First Aid Kit (Stay Gold) If you dig Haim or the Dixie Chicks, you’ll adore this twangy Swedish folk girl duo.

Jack White (Lazaretto) Vinyl geeks are raving about the album’s hologram but you’ll have to wait and see if White’s raw rock and vocals hold up.

June 17

Deadmau5 (While 1<2) Double your dubstep pleasure with these 25 new tracks from the incendiary DJ.

Jennifer Lopez (A.K.A.) J.Lo brings out the star power with songs featuring French Montana, Iggy Azalea, Nas, Pitbull and Rick Ross.

Lana Del Rey (Ultraviolence) The grande dame modestly declares her album “is beautiful – it’s so wrong and exquisite. It is absolutely gorgeous – darker than the first.”


Sam Smith (Lonely Hour) The solo album from the Brit behind the catchy hooks on Disclosure’s “Latch” and Naughty Boys’ “La La La.”

June 23

Ed Sheeran (x) For those who adore redheads and the single “Sing.”

June 30

Trey Songz (Trigga) Can he still roll with Jay-Z and Drake or will this album send the R&B hunk back to horror schlock like Texas Chainsaw 3D?

July 1

Robin Thicke (Title TBA) Hear the handsome, wandering-eyed crooner behind “Blurred Lines” try to win his wife back with singles like “Get Her Back.”

Play your favorite summer music on the road, the lake or under the stars with our MyMusicCloud smartphone app – anywhere on any device. And check back for more album release dates later this summer in our upcoming “Part 2: Summer Music Guide.”

Discover Great New Songs With These 4 Music Hacks

If you’re like us, you’re always looking out for fresh music and easy, no-hassle ways to find it. With the help of and the Midem international music conference, we’ve collected four websites that can introduce you to great new artists. These four music hacks, or shortcuts, can help you find new songs from you favorite TV shows, sleep better, and even spy on your friends’ music playlists. Here’s how to …

Find That Tune:  Loved an ambient tune you heard on TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy” or an old ’70s number from Anchorman 2? The clever website Tunefind helps you track down the name and artist of that cool song you heard on your favorite movie or TV show. (Source: Lifehacker)

Go to Sleep:  What’s the most soothing music to fall asleep to?Well, it should have 90 beats per minute, a 4/4 beat, piano and strings, and narrow note sequences that scale from low to high. So says psychologist Dave Elliot of the University of Cumbria. He found that songs with these patterns were the most calming to volunteers in anxiety studies. Try his theory out with this gentle, lyric-free 1-hour YouTube mix. (Source: Lifehacker)

Spy on Your Facebook Friends’ Music: Want to know what your friends are listening to without scanning all their Facebook walls? Plug your FB credentials into Jubal, by Cédric S. It plays the music videos posted recently by your Facebook friends in a continuous stream with nifty bios of the artists in the right hand corner. Vote by clicking the heart (love) or skull (kill) icons below the video and Jubal collects and represents your preferences as a visual tag cloud.  (Source: Hacker League)

Preview a New Band: How many times has a friend asked, “Hey, have you heard of [insert obscure band name here]?” Instead of racking your brains, just enter the band’s name on This Is My Jam and it’ll suggest the most ear-friendly song to listen to. (There’s even a hipster feature that recommends a much lesser-known track). (Source: Music Ally)