10 New Albums to Download for November

Now, that Drake, Katy Perry, Celine Dion and Paul McCartney’s chart-toppers are out of the way, and because you’re busy having a life, we’ve rounded up 10 new November albums for you to keep an ear out for. Included are new music from The Killers, Daughtry, M.I.A., Kelly Pickler and Lady Gaga, plus wild cards like the delicious-sounding new Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack and wacky new tracks from Erasure and Garth Brooks.

Plus an update for you U2 fans: Put your Bono shades at half-mast. The supergroup has (sadly) pushed its anticipated new November album back to April 2014. On with the show …

Eminem – Marshall Mathers 2 LP  (out Nov. 5): The mad rhymer’s back with Beastie Boys samples, a Stan sequel and more vicious riffs.

M.I.A. – Matangi (Nov. 5) Our favorite Sri-Lankan rapper’s fourth album finally arrives with more dance tracks and a mesmerizing performance of “Y.A.L.A.” on “Conan” after reportedly delayed a year for being “too positive.”

Lady Gaga – ARTPOP  (Nov. 11): At last, the diva’s incredibly hyped new music is finally here.

The Killers – Direct Hits (Nov. 11): Sort of a greatest hits collection, it also boasts two brand new tracks  “Shot At The Night” and “Just Another Girl.”

Erasure – Snow Globe (Nov. 11) A Christmas album from the synth pop boys? Kinda. “Silent Night” and “The Christmas Song” are here along with new dance songs “Brooklyn” and “Loving Man.”

Kellie Pickler The Woman I Am (Nov. 12): “Hopeful” and a “breath of fresh air” is how critics are describing the country cutie’s latest music.

Lady Antebellum ‘Golden’ (Deluxe Edition) (Nov.  12): Includes three previously unreleased songs plus three acoustic versions of their hits from the pop country trio.

Daughtry – Baptized (Nov. 19): More soulful vocals and rock licks from the “Idol” runner-up.

Garth Brooks – Blame It on My Roots (Nov. 19): A 4-CD boxed set covering everything from James Taylor and Gladys Knight to Marvin Gaye’s “I Heard It Through the Grapevine.” Each disc tackles a different genre like classic rock, soul and a “melting pot” category. (Through Walmart only.)

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Soundtrack (Nov. 19) With tracks by Coldplay, The National, Christina Aguilera, Imagine Dragons and Lorde, we’re already salivating for this soundtrack, which comes out before the film’s Nov. 22 release.

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Eminem Yodels, Teams with Rihanna & Imitates Yoda on His New Album


May I have your attention please? May I have your attention please? The Real Slim Shady is unleashing his seventh solo album next Tuesday and the hype is about to reach ear-blowing proportions. MMLP2 is the long-awaited follow-up to The Marshall Mathers LP  released 13 years ago, and like the rapper himself, it’s riding a wave of silliness.

Case in point: Did you know Detroit’s “8 Mile” bad boy likes cupcakes? It’s true, according to the LOL promo for his guest performance this weekend (Nov. 2) on Saturday Night Live (Watch it below.).

Hopes are high for Em’s latest album, which includes more of his big beats and hilariously twisted rhymes, along with collaborations with Kendrick Lamar, Nate Ruess and female fave Rihanna.

This time around, he and Rihanna team up for the bouncy “The Monster” in which Eminem yodels (!) while Rihanna sings, “I’m friends with the monster that’s under my bed/ Get along with the voices inside of my head/ You’re trying to save me/ Stop holding your breath/ And you think I’m crazy/ Yeah, you think I’m crazy.”

Marshall also finds inspiration in some unusual places. On “Berzerk,” he borrows from Billy Squier‘s “The Stroke,” as well as the Beastie Boys‘ “The New Style” and “Fight for Your Right.” He even finds inspiration in the 1968 Zombies’ song “Time of the Season” and channels jedi master Yoda on “Rhyme or Reason.”

So if you’ve been missing the clown prince of rap, like we have, it’s time to break out those old Eminem CDs and play lists and get pumped for MMLP2. It’s about time rap got stoopid-fresh again.



5 Cheap, DIY Cellphone Speaker Ideas

MyMusicCloud enables you to store and play your music anywhere in the world on nearly any device, but, inevitably, we all encounter this situation:  You’re in an unfamiliar hotel room and didn’t pack your cellphone speakers. How can you rock out?

Fear not.  We’ve collected 5 DIY Cellphone Speaker solutions that cost next to nothing and still fill that horrible, empty silence with your favorite Fall Out Boy or 2 Chainz jams. Below, we’ve ranked them from 5 to 1 in order of ease and sound quality.

5.  An Oatmeal Box:  If your speakers are on the sides or bottom of your phone, this scheme works best.  Any kind of rectangular cereal box will do (7.5 ounce size), but you’ll need a pair of scissors or a pocket knife and perhaps some tape.  Open the flaps and slice the box diagonally from the middle to the side, cutting off the entire corner.  Fold the cut-out part around the bottom of the phone, like a funnel or megaphone, projecting the sound downward. Tape to fit.  Hit play.

4. A Glass Bowl: In a posh minimalist hotel? Empty a round glass vase or bowl of green apples and place your phone inside it. Hit Play. (Ignore the snippy concierge.)

3. A Piece of Paper: It’s no Bose speaker, but believe it or not, an 8-x-11-inch piece of office paper taped to your phone like the afore-mentioned funnel can really throw down.

2. A Plastic Cup with Bobby Pins: If your speaker is on the back of your phone, like most Samsung models, simply take a razor or pocketknife and cut a rectangle the size of it about 2 inches from the bottom of a plastic party cup (Toby Keith knows the one). Then straighten and bend 2 bobby pins into “U” shapes. On either side of the speaker hole, cut a tiny slit and then 2 more near the top the length of the pins. Your bobby pins will slide in there and hold the phone against the cup! (Thanks to MacGyverisms for these photos and how-to steps.) Hit play.

1. A paper cup. Done with that coffee? Employing the same logic as the glass bowl, programmer Sam Stephenson at 37 Signals popped his iPhone into a paper cup and – voila – instant amplifiers. (However, we recommend using a clean cup.)

What’s your favorite way to listen to your music on the go? Tell us here …

New Albums from Drake, David Bowie Plus Justin Timberlake Hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’

Remember when singers were predictable and gave fans at least six months notice before releasing new music? Not anymore! There’s a new album release game afoot in 2013 apparently and it’s not for the snoozy.

We’re barely into March and so far Drake, David Bowie and Justin Timberlake have all announced surprise new music. MyMusicCloud is bringing you all the details here to keep you in the know:

Drake: This week, everyone’s favorite Canadian rapper announced on Twitter the release of the second track, “5 AM in Toronto,” from his upcoming album due out sometime late summer. On the Grammys red carpet in February, where he won Best Rap Album for Take Care, Drizzy also casually revealed the title for the new album, Nothing Was the Same.

David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust took the Webiverse by surprise in January when he announced on his Website that he’d be releasing his first album in 10 years called The Next Day. “Today he definitely has something to say,” his website read, revealing the single “Where Are We Now.” Bowie’s The Next Day comes out March 11 in the U.K. and March 12 in the states.

Justin Timberlake: After making the cryptic announcement, “I think I’M READY,” on Twitter Jan. 10 before posting a link to a YouTube video which showed him walking into a studio, his new album, The 20/20 Experience, finally drops on March 19. But first, JT is hosting “Saturday Night Live” again this weekend, March 9, on NBC.

Could that mean another surprise spoof video with “SNL” alum and music video collaborator Andy Samberg? Justin has actually won four Emmys for his “SNL” appearances, and his wild parody videos with Andy, like “D*** in a Box,” “J*** in My Pants” and “Mother Lover,” are always a hit on YouTube. See his funny “SNL” promos below and tune in Saturday night to find out.

Top Pop and Rock Album Releases for 2013

Is your music library looking a little 2012? No problem! Our MyMusicCloud store offers the latest in new music to download and sync across your Mac, PC, tablet or cellphone. Then just play it on- or off-line wherever you go. Here’s a sneak peek of the top pop and rock albums to watch out for in 2013…

Arcade Fire: Hot off their work on the angsty soundtrack for “The Hunger Games,” the indie rockers return near the end of this year with a follow-up album to their Grammy-winning album The Suburbs.

The Black Keys: The alt-rock darlings who brought you “Gold on the Ceiling” promise to release yet another album sometime this spring.

Mariah Carey:  Mimi’s back! Billboard reports that besides her upcoming judging gig on “American Idol,” Starting January 16 on FOX, Mariah will launch her as-yet-untitled 14th album sometime in March. A track, “Triumphant (Get ‘Em)” featuring rappers Rick Ross and Meek Mill, dropped last year.

Paramore: “Twilight” fans will no doubt be thrilled by the resurrection of this alt-rock favorite, fronted by soaring vocalist Hayley Williams. Despite the departure of founding members Josh and Zac Farro, their self-titled album debuts April 9 after the single “Now.” “Thanks to our fans for believing in the three of us before we ever even did,” the band says on their website.

Katy Perry: The self-crowned “Teenage Dream” says she hopes to release her third album by summer. Promising it will be a “black box” of who she is, she hinted to MTV it will be “real dark” given her divorce from comic Russell Brand.

Britney Spears: Now that she’s free from ”The X-Factor” bench, Britney has been chatting up her eighth studio album online, tweeting “Working hard. Collaborating with some new inspiring producers. Really focused on my music right now.” Lots of names have been linked to the pop princess but so far only will.i.am and hip-hop producer Hit-Boy have been confirmed as collaborators.

Who are you looking forward to hearing new music from in 2013?


Music for Your Morning Commute


Is your morning commute a chore filled with stop-and-go traffic, obnoxious fellow drivers, or jam-packed trains or buses? Here at MyMusicCloud, we want to enable you to hit the mute button on those pesky distractions, and transform your commute into a pleasant, dare we even say – joyful? — experience.

With MyMusicCloud, you can shut out the traffic and noise wherever you are, and bliss out to your favorite songs. MyMusicCloud streams your favorite pop tunes, dance singles and workout mixes wherever you are, even offline. Your music library is always at your fingertips with our cloud-based music delivery service. So you can pump up the jams anywhere from any device—mobile phones, Macs, PCs, tablets and more – without fumbling for CDs or worrying about interruptions.

Start your day at home with a cup of coffee and your favorite get-up-and-go jam, then utilize our smart queue to seamlessly pick up the same song in your car or on your mobile phone at the gym. It doesn’t matter whether you take the subway or the bus, your music is always with you: online or off.

Now that you’re excited for that morning commute, what will your morning playlist look like? Here are some mood-boosting tunes from our MyMusicCloud staff:

10. It’s a Beautiful Day [U2]

9. Walking on Sunshine [Katrina and the Waves]

8. Fantasy [Earth, Wind and Fire]

7. Get What You Give [New Radicals]

6. Sing for the Moment [Eminem]

5. Good Morning, Good Morning [Beatles]

4. Gonna Fly Now (“Rocky”’s Theme) [Bill Conti]

3. Wake Up and Live [Bob Marley & the Wailers]

2. Titanium [David Guetta featuring Sia]

1. Make It Happen [Mariah Carey]

Post a comment about your favorite adrenaline-pumping morning songs!