Must-Have Smart TV Apps for Every Family Member

One of the perks of the new Smart TVs is that they come loaded with one-click apps for your favorite websites like Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and YouTube, so you can lean back and enjoy your social media, TV shows, and Internet videos on a luxurious big screen.

But those aren’t the only cool things you can do with a smart TV. Here are 5 smart TV apps sure to please everyone in your family — from the football fan to the boy-band music lover and even the cute kitteh video watcher.

For the Football Fan: Yahoo! Fantasy Football App – With this gridiron app, your armchair quarterback can stay up to date on his weekly Yahoo! fantasy football game match-ups, team and player stats, and more through windows and scoreboards that pop up while he’s watching the game. Available on Yahoo! Connected TVs such as Vizio and select 2014 Samsung smart TVs.

For the Grandparents: Skype – Do NaNaw and PawPaw miss the grandkids? Or do they want to chat with relatives overseas? Skype’s video call service enables them to have face time with their loved ones through your TV screen.  New improvements this year also include group video and full HD video calls. Available on 2014 Samsung and other smart TV models with built-in cameras.

For the Music Lover: MyMusicCloudOur free music app plays your entire album collection through your TV from any smartphone, tablet, computer or Smart Watch regardless of brand (Apple, Android, Windows, etc.), so you can set the mood for any occasion. Available on Samsung Smart TVs.

For the Photographers & FilmMakers: MyDigiPack — This nifty cloud-based app stores all your important photos and home videos together in one place, so you can create a moving picture show in high definition on your HD TV or impress your family and friends on the go. Upload video of your baby’s first birthday from your Android phone, or those wild pics from your trip to the Burning Man music fest. Crop, rotate or colorize your photos and share them on your smartphones, tablets, or computers. Storage is free! Available on select Smart TVs.

For the Silly Cat and People Video Lovers:  VTV — Whether it’s a cat snuggling with a chicken or someone in a Bigfoot costume jumping out at hikers, Viral TV (VTV) pulls the weirdest and most viral videos off TV and the Web. Things like page views, how much they’re shared, and comments on Facebook pages decide which videos are suggested for viewing in a pop-up window. Available on Samsung smart TVs from the OnTV page.


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