Discover Great New Songs With These 4 Music Hacks

If you’re like us, you’re always looking out for fresh music and easy, no-hassle ways to find it. With the help of and the Midem international music conference, we’ve collected four websites that can introduce you to great new artists. These four music hacks, or shortcuts, can help you find new songs from you favorite TV shows, sleep better, and even spy on your friends’ music playlists. Here’s how to …

Find That Tune:  Loved an ambient tune you heard on TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy” or an old ’70s number from Anchorman 2? The clever website Tunefind helps you track down the name and artist of that cool song you heard on your favorite movie or TV show. (Source: Lifehacker)

Go to Sleep:  What’s the most soothing music to fall asleep to?Well, it should have 90 beats per minute, a 4/4 beat, piano and strings, and narrow note sequences that scale from low to high. So says psychologist Dave Elliot of the University of Cumbria. He found that songs with these patterns were the most calming to volunteers in anxiety studies. Try his theory out with this gentle, lyric-free 1-hour YouTube mix. (Source: Lifehacker)

Spy on Your Facebook Friends’ Music: Want to know what your friends are listening to without scanning all their Facebook walls? Plug your FB credentials into Jubal, by Cédric S. It plays the music videos posted recently by your Facebook friends in a continuous stream with nifty bios of the artists in the right hand corner. Vote by clicking the heart (love) or skull (kill) icons below the video and Jubal collects and represents your preferences as a visual tag cloud.  (Source: Hacker League)

Preview a New Band: How many times has a friend asked, “Hey, have you heard of [insert obscure band name here]?” Instead of racking your brains, just enter the band’s name on This Is My Jam and it’ll suggest the most ear-friendly song to listen to. (There’s even a hipster feature that recommends a much lesser-known track). (Source: Music Ally)

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