MyMusicCloud User Tip: Accidentally Deleted Songs from Your Phone? How to Recover Them

Recently, we explained how easy it is to listen to your MyMusicCloud music library on your phone or mobile device when you’re riding the subway or stuck anywhere without wifi. That blog post is called: “User Tip: How to Listen to MyMusicCloud Songs Without Wifi.”

You might recall that in order to access songs while off the grid, you first need to “download” them to your mobile device. To do that, you simply select the right upperhand menu (3 horizontal bars) on your phone, and then click “Add/Remove” from the 4 choices that appear.  A “+ or –“ symbol will appear next to each song. Simply click the icon and the song is downloaded.

But this is key:  If you remove a song from your phone, it becomes inaccessible from your device. A pop-up message will ask you to confirm if that’s what you really want to do.

Because accidents happen, here’s another quick user tip from our tech squad.  Inadvertently deleted songs you actually wanted to keep during this process? Here’s how to restore titles that look grayed out and won’t play:

Next time you log in to your MyMusicCloud account on your computer or laptop, head to TRACKS. Find the songs you want to recover. Notice that the far right column is labeled “Sync” and includes a little icon of a phone for each song. If the song’s unavailable, it will look like a phone with a slash through it (the “Unsync” symbol).  Simply hover your cursor over the image and left click until it changes to a phone with a check mark.

Once again, the track will be available to enjoy on your phone or tablet. (You can also click it again to Unsync or remove it.)


Bonus tip: Songs played on any of your mobile devices from your MyMusicCloud library or added to your “Q” are automatically downloaded to your phone or tablet and available offline use later. So you don’t need to use the download process.


We hope this User Tip helps you use our MyMusicCloud app and enjoy your music anywhere on any device, computer, cell phone, tablet or smart TV, regardless of brand. We’ll be posting more User Tips soon, like “How to See Song Lyrics” and “How to Access Your Music on Your TV.” In the meantime, visit our FAQ or post a question in the comments section and we’ll be happy to answer it.


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