5 Cool Speakers, Headphones & More Music Gadgets from CES 2014

Rapper 50 Cent talked up his new line of Star Wars-themed SMS Audio headphones and Nick Cannon (“America’s Got Talent”) declared, “DJs are the new rock stars,” at this week’s packed Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Each January, celebrities and electronics company pitchmen fly to CES to give the press a peek at the newest TVs, sound systems and gadgets developed for the upcoming year. Below, we’ve rounded up 5 of the coolest new headphones, smart TV and music accessories coming out in 2014 …

Android TVs: Phillips is one of several brands, including Roku and HiSense (with its VIDAA series), to produce smart TVs running the Android OS. With Android, Philips hopes to bring many of the apps available on Google Play, like MyMusicCloud’s music delivery service, to its future Ambilight Smart TVs as early as spring 2014 in Europe. HiSense is aiming for March.

50 Cent Gives Props to Star Wars:  You may not have guessed it but “I’ve been a fan of Star Wars since I was a kid,” 50 Cent said. Partnering with Lucasfilms, he and his SMS Audio on-ear STREET by 50 headphones will soon bear Stormtrooper, Rebel Alliance, Boba Fett and Imperial limited edition logos, plus enhanced bass and custom 40 mm drivers  (about $199.95 each this Spring). He also showed off his brightly colored STREET by 50 Sports sets (waterproof, wired or wireless and sweat resistant, starting at $79.95).

Invisible Speakers:  Speaking of sci-fi, like something out of Star Trek, ClearView showed off its Clio “invisible” wireless speakers, which use a vibrating 1 millimeter-thin vertical sheet of acrylic glass to create sound so you can actually see through them.  All the electronics, a 2 inch woofer and stereo dipole speakers,  are in the base,

In-“fall”- ible Earbuds:  “Yurbuds” says its Inspire earbuds are “guaranteed” to stay in your ears, no matter what you’re doing. Sound too good to be true? Well, it credits its intuitive TwistLock system for this breakthrough, and the new wireless versions do look kind of like screws. These Bluetooth-enabled earbuds also promise six hours of battery life and are sweat-resistant.

Ultimate Fighting Headphones? Monster Shows Off UFC star Anthony Pettis & Nick Cannon: Monster introduced several new headphones including DNA Pro over-ear styles, $449.95 (about £274.18, AU$501.95), and Ultimate Fighting Championship-sponsored, over-ear cans called Octagon, which will run you about $280 (about £170.62, AU$312.36). Both are available later this year. Nick Cannon also DJed at Monster’s Ncredible party Tuesday night.

Watch 50 Cent Discuss His Star Wars Headphones with Engadget

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One thought on “5 Cool Speakers, Headphones & More Music Gadgets from CES 2014”

  1. A lot of people say Street by 50 product lines are just overpriced. What do you think? I actually love the premium sound reproduction by these headphones but at some point they are just overcharged for their real qualities. But well, 50 Cents and Star War standing together 🙂

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