Viral Video Alert: Football Blooper Edition

If you’re a football fan, you and millions of other armchair quarterbacks are no doubt looking forward to the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend, when some of the NFL’s biggest teams will face off on gridirons across the country.

Here at MyMusicCloud, we’re football fans too, which is why we’ve chosen this hilarious blooper video for our November Viral Video Alert. Click below and watch some of your favorite team players slip, fumble, and do the “squirrel dance” to Ray Charles’ classic hit “Mess Around.”

So while you’re waiting for the turkey to brown and the rolls to soak up that delicious butter, laugh along to these epic football fails. And when dinner and the games are over, remember you can now play your music library on your TV with our cloud-based music delivery service. Just hook up your laptop to your TV or access our app from your smart TV interface. To learn more, visit our FAQ.

Happy Thanksgiving from MyMusicCloud.

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