5 Cheap, DIY Cellphone Speaker Ideas

MyMusicCloud enables you to store and play your music anywhere in the world on nearly any device, but, inevitably, we all encounter this situation:  You’re in an unfamiliar hotel room and didn’t pack your cellphone speakers. How can you rock out?

Fear not.  We’ve collected 5 DIY Cellphone Speaker solutions that cost next to nothing and still fill that horrible, empty silence with your favorite Fall Out Boy or 2 Chainz jams. Below, we’ve ranked them from 5 to 1 in order of ease and sound quality.

5.  An Oatmeal Box:  If your speakers are on the sides or bottom of your phone, this scheme works best.  Any kind of rectangular cereal box will do (7.5 ounce size), but you’ll need a pair of scissors or a pocket knife and perhaps some tape.  Open the flaps and slice the box diagonally from the middle to the side, cutting off the entire corner.  Fold the cut-out part around the bottom of the phone, like a funnel or megaphone, projecting the sound downward. Tape to fit.  Hit play.

4. A Glass Bowl: In a posh minimalist hotel? Empty a round glass vase or bowl of green apples and place your phone inside it. Hit Play. (Ignore the snippy concierge.)

3. A Piece of Paper: It’s no Bose speaker, but believe it or not, an 8-x-11-inch piece of office paper taped to your phone like the afore-mentioned funnel can really throw down.

2. A Plastic Cup with Bobby Pins: If your speaker is on the back of your phone, like most Samsung models, simply take a razor or pocketknife and cut a rectangle the size of it about 2 inches from the bottom of a plastic party cup (Toby Keith knows the one). Then straighten and bend 2 bobby pins into “U” shapes. On either side of the speaker hole, cut a tiny slit and then 2 more near the top the length of the pins. Your bobby pins will slide in there and hold the phone against the cup! (Thanks to MacGyverisms for these photos and how-to steps.) Hit play.

1. A paper cup. Done with that coffee? Employing the same logic as the glass bowl, programmer Sam Stephenson at 37 Signals popped his iPhone into a paper cup and – voila – instant amplifiers. (However, we recommend using a clean cup.)

What’s your favorite way to listen to your music on the go? Tell us here …

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