Got MyMusicCloud FAQs? Get Answers Here

What’s up, music fans? MyMusicCloud is thrilled that 250,000 of you have “Liked” our Facebook page and tried our cloud-based music delivery service. You’ve already discovered that you can store and play all your songs across any PC, tablet or mobile device without USB cables, patches, or clumsy workarounds.

But we see that many of you curious music monsters aren’t taking full advantage of all of our services. Maybe you didn’t know that MyMusicCloud …

n  Easily uploads your music library from iTunes, Windows Media Player, Dropbox and Google Drive, so you can access your songs wherever you are.

n  Speaks every operating system language. MyMusicCloud translates easily between iOS (Apple), Android, Blackberry, Windows, so you’re not handcuffed to one device. You can play your music on all your gadgets.

n  Stores 2 Gigabytes (or about 400 songs) totally free.

n  Is totally mobile. Groove to Daft Punk on your tablet. Bounce to Ne-Yo on your mobile phone.  You can even pause a song on one device and pick it up on another.

n  Once you’ve listened once, it plays your music on your tablet or mobile phone even when you’re traveling or offline, no internet or WIFI connection needed.

n  Encourages you to play DJ and mix your own music playlists and phone ringtones.

n  Tells your Facebook friends what you’re listening to right now.

n  Never stops the party by making you listen to lame advertisements.

We’re here to help. For tips and answers to questions like, How do I add or delete songs? How much memory do I have left?, visit our earlier posts How the MyMusicCloud Dashboard Works, How to Make Your Own RingtonesHow to Get Free Storage, and Drop, Sync and Play Music.

Got a question we haven’t covered? Post it below and we’ll reply right back. You can also email us at And keep checking back here, because our coding gremlins are working on even more cool buttons and features for your mobile devices. We’ll announce them soon!

One thought on “Got MyMusicCloud FAQs? Get Answers Here”

  1. SOS I can’t listen music offline, I’ve tried to do what you said in the post, but it didn’t work. Although I have listened a song once, even twice, it isn’t available while I don’t have connection. Can you help me please?

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