Tap the Romantic Power of One Direction Song Lyrics

Before their new single, “Live While We’re Young,” topped the charts in 40 countries including the U.K., Australia, France, Spain and Brazil, boy band One Direction was winning over teenage girls with their irresistibly swoony lyrics. Consider the understated brilliance of “What Makes You Beautiful”:

“Baby, you light up my world like nobody else, The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed, But when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell, You don’t know, Oh oh, You don’t know you’re beautiful …”

Even comic TV host Stephen Colbert of “The Colbert Report” raved: “The lyrics are incredibly complex. You see, the boys are singing, ‘You don’t know you’re beautiful, that’s what makes you beautiful.’ But they’ve just told the girl she’s beautiful. So since she now knows it, she’s no longer beautiful. …. But she’s listening to the song, too. So she knows she’s not beautiful. Therefore, following the syllogism of the song, she’s instantly beautiful again! It’s like an infinite fractal recursion, a flickering quantum state of both hot and not.”

So how can you put the power of One Direction song lyrics to work for you? With the help of MyMusicCloud’s lyric feature, you too can woo the object of your affection. Simply upload any song by One Direction to our cloud-based music delivery service and hit the “Lyrics” button on the dashboard. The romantic song lyrics for their tracks from the Up All Night or Take Me Home albums immediately pop up on-screen. Try it with their new songs:

“Last First Kiss”: “Baby, tell me what to change,  I’m afraid you’ll run away, If I tell you what I wanted to tell you, Maybe I just got to wait, Maybe this is a mistake, I’m a fool, yeah, Baby I’m just a fool, yeah …”

Or “Change My Mind”:  “The end of the night, We should say goodbye, But we carry on, While everyone’s gone, Never felt like this before-ore, Are we friends or are we more? As I’m walking towards the door, I’m not sure … “

Did they work for you? Let us know in the comments section…

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