Watch and Tell Us: Who Was Your Favorite Sandy Telethon Performer?

Like many companies in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and beyond, we’ve been affected by the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. Most of our employees, including our CEO, lost power, heat, and hot water, and relied on the generosity and comfort of friends. At MyMusicCloud, we understand the devastation of this storm, and we hope you and your loved ones are safe and sheltered.  U.S. Northeasterners are a loyal and resilient bunch. If there’s one bright spot in this gloomy aftermath, it’s knowing we’ll rebuild.  Celebrating that spirit are a formidable array of musical star power who come to the area’s rescue this past weekend.

Superstars Aerosmith, Christina Aguilera, Billy Joel, Jon Bon Jovi, Mary J. Blige, Bruce Springsteen, Sting and more singers and celebs took the stage Sunday night to raise money for Sandy disaster recovery throughout the region. NBC’s “Coming Together” telethon special aired both on TV and online and raised $23 million for relief efforts via the American Red Cross. (Watch it yourself here.)

Even if you don’t live in the devastated regions, it was a kick seeing Joel sing ”Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway),” Springsteen and his E Street Band perform “Land of Hope and Dreams,” (from his album The Wrecking Ball) spliced with “People Get Ready,” and The Boss join with Steven Tyler and “Late Night” TV host Jimmy Fallon to combine voices for a live version of  the Drifters’ “Under the Boardwalk,” as a tribute to the Jersey Shore’s storm-tossed boardwalks.

Although she didn’t perform on the special, New York City’s most conspicuous pop star, Lady Gaga, also announced she’ll donate $1 million to the Red Cross. “Please accept this gift on behalf of myself, my parents Joe and Cynthia, my sister Natali; with our deepest gratitude, New York, for raising us. Thank you for helping me build my spirit. I will now help you rebuild yours,” she said on her Website.

What was your favorite Sandy telethon performance? Watch and tell us below.

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