Just in Time for Homeroom: Our Favorite 10 Songs About School

The frantic race for pencils and notebooks is on as millions of students head back to those hallowed halls of education this month.  So here at cloud-based music delivery service MyMusicCloud, we emptied our backpacks to come up with our favorite Top 10 Songs About School.

Our search uncovered the upbeat, the rebellious, and the hilarious. Whether you’re a “Teenage Dirtbag” (Wheatus), a “Beauty School Dropout” (Frankie Avalon) or something in between, we think you’ll find a tune to love in our Songs About School playlist.

At the head of the class is Chuck Berry, who put his jangly rock ‘n’ roll stamp on “School Days” with “American history and practical math, You studyin’ hard and hopin’ to pass.” Also ranking high are cheerleaders The Beach Boys, who sweetly urged 1960s fans to “Be True to Your School, just like you would to your girl.”

Bad boys Van Halen had slightly different goals in mind in “Hot for Teacher,”  and mop-topped rebels The Ramones pretty much burned the place down in the theme song and 1979 movie, “Rock ‘N’ Roll High School.”

But the Class Cutup award goes to The Barenaked Ladies for mining laughs out of “Grade 9”: “I found my locker and I found my classes, Lost my lunch and I broke my glasses. That guy is huge! That girl is wailin’! First day of school and I’m already failing.”

What songs stoke your strongest memories of school? Tell us below …

10. “Campus” – Vampire Weekend

9. “Rock ‘N’ Roll High School” – The Ramones

8. “Hot for Teacher” – Van Halen

7.  “Beauty School Dropout” – Frankie Avalon (“Grease”)

6. “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” – The Police

5. “Teenage Dirtbag” – Wheatus

4. “Scandalous Scholastics” – Gym Class Heroes

3. “Be True to Your School” – The Beach Boys

2. “Grade 9” – Barenaked Ladies

1. “School Days” – Chuck Berry

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