Which Spice Girls Songs Should They Sing at the Olympics?

The London Olympics are about to get a lot spicier with the return of England’s No. 1 singing supergroup – The Spice Girls, of course.  Showing a sense of humor and smarts, the Fab Five have reportedly signed on to perform live at the Olympic Games’ star-studded closing ceremony on Sunday, August 12, along with The Who, Take That, Blur and more surprises.  Although details are hush-hush, Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham, recently tweeted a photo of a jewel-encrusted microphone with the caption “Look what I found!!”

If they do don their kitschy pigtails and trademark costumes, it will be the first time the Spice Girls (Baby, Ginger, Posh, Scary and Sporty) have performed together in four years. So what will they sing?

Rumor has it their notorious “Girl Power” anthem “Wannabe” with its classic “Zig-a-zig Ahh” line is a lock. But the gang has a variety of other upbeat, crowd-pleasing hits, including the Latin-flavored “Spice Up Your Life,” “Who Do You Think You Are,” “Say You’ll Be There,” the groovy “Stop” and “Saturday Night Divas.”

Tell us in the comments section below which songs you’d like to hear the Spice Girls sing! To refresh your memory, visit the Spice Girls page here on MyMusicCloud. We’ve also rounded up the music videos for their most popular hits below, starting with the attitude-licious “Wannabe.”


Say You’ll Be There

Spice Up Your Life

Who Do You Think You Are

Move Over (Generation NEXT)

Saturday Night Divas

If U Can’t Dance



Viva Forever


One thought on “Which Spice Girls Songs Should They Sing at the Olympics?”

  1. I vote for Say You’ll Be There! Never realized how much that Spice Up Your Life video makes no sense. Why are they in space??

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