Don’t Just Pray for Rain, Try Our Rain Playlist

Funny how we can make tiny mobile phones that can unlock your car, and you can even store your whole music collection on, but when it comes to the weather? We still can’t make it rain. Twenty-nine states are being battered by a drought that’s wilting precious crops, threatening livestock and making farmers miserable.

“If I had a rain prayer or a rain dance I could do, I would do it,” U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told reporters this week.

We don’t have a rain dance but here at MyMusicCloud we’re doing our part to help end the drought by compiling a rain-summoning music mix.  Our precipitation playlist spans genres from Adele’s groovy “Right as Rain” to Garbage’s fantastically moody “Only Happy When It Rains.” And, of course, we couldn’t forget Marc Anthony and Pit Bull’s “Rain Over Me” or country star Luke Bryan’s “Rain Is a Good Thing.”

So do your part for the farmers by downloading these songs with our cloud-based music delivery service, or searching our music library of 11 million songs for your own favorite tracks. Listen to them uninterrupted at home, in the car or on your mobile phone or tablet. Even make up your own rain dance if you want. We won’t laugh. (Well, maybe a little.)

10. “Rain” (Mika)

9. “Rain on Me” (Ashanti)

8. “Rain Over Me” (Pitbull featuring Marc Anthony)

7. “Listen to the Rain” (Enya)

6. “Here Comes the Rain Again” (Eurythmics)

5. “Right as Rain” (Adele)

4. “Only Happy When it Rains” (Garbage)

3. “Purple Rain” (Prince)

2. “November Rain” (Guns & Roses)

1. “Rain is a Good Thing” (Luke Bryan)

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