The 2012 Summer Olympics Rock Out with Muse and More Major Musicians

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games arrive with an unexpected windfall for pop, rock and electronic music fans. As in previous years, several artists have been recruited to record official Olympic songs before the games kick off July 27 in London. But this year, many of the performers are top pop and dance acts from the U.K., the host country, and will unveil their tributes over the upcoming weeks.

First up are chart-topping alt-rockers Muse, who just released their epic Olympic ballad, “Survival,” last week. Check out Muse on MyMusicCloud.

Next up are Elton John and Australian electronic-dance duo Pnau, who John tapped to remix many of his hits (including “Benny and the Jets,” “Madman Across the Water” and “Philadelphia Freedom”) into a fresh, dance-friendly album called Good Morning to the Night (listen to a taste here). The album drops Tuesday, July 17, in the U.S., but fans can get a sneak peek at their Olympic collaboration on Monday, July 16.

More Olympics songs will follow by alternative dance band Delphic (Monday, July 23), electronic gurus the Chemical Brothers (Monday, July 30) and rapper Dizzee Rascal (August 6). At the Games themselves, the Scissor Sisters and Rizzle Kicks will also play surprise gigs for spectators.

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