Have a Musical Memorial Day with MyMusicCloud

Time to dust off that barbecue grill, plug in the blender, and break out the summer party music. This Memorial Day, you’re free to gather with your friends and family, guzzle some frosty beers or pina coladas, and play your favorite tunes anywhere you like.  Our brave men and women in camouflage fought hard for your right to party, so don’t let them down now.

Just how will you celebrate freedom this holiday? Floating down a lazy river in an inner tube? Camping out with the kids at First Landing Park in Virginia Beach? Or maybe hiking and biking past gurgling streams and hot springs on Oregon’s McKenzie River Trail?

Even if you don’t make it past the plastic lounge chair in your own backyard, you’re certain to have your favorite music at your fingertips with our cloud-based music delivery service. Drag and drop your favorite patriotic country songs, like Brooks & Dunn’s “Only in America,” or choose high-energy pop tunes, like Adele’s “Rumor Has It,” into customized playlists for your holiday getaway.

Missing your favorite reggae song? Don’t fret. Shop our online music store for that must-have track. Sync your party playlists between your PC, MacBook, iPad, and cellphone, so you don’t miss a second of grooviness.

You can even dazzle your guests by choosing “intelligent” mode in our browser. Just click on “Account” and look under the “Themes” tab. Once activated, MyMusicCloud background shows a photo of each artist as his or her song plays.  

So let freedom rock and make this Memorial Day weekend truly memorable.

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