Hot Band Alert: New York’s More Than Fate

Here at MyMusicCloud, we’re always looking for fresh, undiscovered music you want to share and take with you using our cloud-based music delivery service. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to underground NYC band More Than Fate.

Born from the rough-and-tumble NYC music scene, this Astoria foursome plays “rock music, plain and simple,” says lead guitarist Carlos Casados. The group includes drummer Phil Lherisson and vocalist Eddie Slate (both formerly of the band Ampithy) with Jack McLeod on bass guitar.

Taking their name from the soaring Eye Empire song “More Than Fate,” they’re part of a new breed of alternative rock. Finding musical talent in the NYC area isn’t difficult, Eddie admits, “the difficulty lies in finding other dedicated musicians that mesh well together.”

Despite their diverse musical backgrounds, “as soon as we started, it was an instant musical bond. It was like we knew exactly what was on each other’s minds,” Phill adds.

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On Saturday, April 7, New Yorkers can hear More Than Fate live when they perform at the Studio in New York’s Webster Music Hall, 125 E. 11th St, with headliners The Day Will Come, and fellow bands When All Else Fails, Blacken The Fallen, We The Living and Live For Today. For ticket prices and information, visit Webster Music Hall online.

Check out their website and Facebook page, enjoy the gig, and tell us what you think


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