MyMusicCloud – The Secret is Out

Dear Reader, we at MyMusicCloud’s marketing team are writing to share an exciting series of events at MyMusicCloud, and our parent company, TriPlay.

Marketing MyMusicCloud is a ton of fun: it’s a great product, it’s in an exciting space, and it provides enormous benefits to the end user: you. You can sync your music throughout all devices, regardless of manufacturer or operating system. Once you do, you get to take your music with you anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Having said that, we all know we are up against some fierce competition. MyMusicCloud is the David to Apple’s, Google’s and Amazon’s Goliath. While those three giants spend hundreds of millions of dollars to reach the top of your mind, we at MyMusicCloud get, well, a slightly lower budget. We fight to get every single one of our users. And although our usership hovers at a very respectable number, MyMusicCloud is still one of the music world’s best kept secrets.

Then came last week. On Monday, our site’s traffic spiked, and our registration numbers expanded tenfold. Now, like any good website in the digital age, we track our metrics. But we had no idea what was driving this spike. Whatever it was, we wanted to do it again!

We started sniffing around. Days later, with the help of Percepture, our PR firm, we tracked down the source: an amazing review on BBC World News, in “Clicks” by Kate Russell. Here is the clip from the broadcast for you to enjoy:

Since you are reading this, you are in on the secret. Please know that we love having you with us, and our community is expanding every day. Tell your friends! Help us spread the word, and you will be rewarded (more on that next time!)…

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