Share Your Favorite Grammy Songs on Facebook With MyMusicCloud

Do you remember where you were Sunday when Adele won six Grammys and Paul McCartney jammed onstage with Bruce Springsteen? Millions of fans and MyMusicCloud members were on Twitter, cheering, griping, and chatting in real time about every moment of the Grammy Awards.

The Grammys were the No. 1 most “social” entertainment event ever on Twitter, logging 13 million tweets, according to Bluefin Labs, which specializes in TV-specific social media tracking. The show even beat the 2012 Super Bowl (12.2 million comments) with must-discuss moments like Adele’s wins, Jennifer Hudson’s tribute to Whitney Houston and McCartney’s all-star rock session, Bluefin reported.

Music has become more social than ever: Who doesn’t love to talk about their favorite band or root for their No. 1 pop songbird to win Record of the Year?

With our cloud-based music delivery service, MyMusicCloud, you never have to wait to hear your most-adored artist. You can pull and play your favorite songs wherever you are – at home watching an awards show, driving to Las Vegas with your girlfriend or relaxing around a campfire with your friends.

MyMusicCloud syncs your music across every device – Any mobile phone, iMacs, iPods, net books, PCs, tablets and more. Even better, you can share your music taste with your friends on Facebook. With the click of a “Share” button on MyMusicCloud, recommend songs or tell everyone what you’re listening to right now.

What were your favorite Grammy moments? Did you discover some new songs or old favorites? Tell us here …

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