MyMusicCloud: Easy Does It

We so enjoyed writing last week’s blog post about the fun of using MyMusicCloud that we’ve decided to make a similar list of the many reasons our users like our service: its simplicity and ease of use.

Since technology is always changing, we’re constantly re-imagining what we want for our music, today. Once we figure out what’s useful, we replicate it on MyMusicCloud. For that reason, the following isn’t a complete list…and it never will be. But for the time being, here are some of the functionalities you get with our music delivery service:

Pop. You can pop a MyMusicCloud widget on your browser and listen to your music without being locked to a single website.

Play. You can create unlimited playlists to play on the web and on your devices—everywhere you are.

Stow. If you run out of available space on MyMusicCloud, any surplus songs will automatically go into your out-of-space box. There, they will wait patiently until you want easy access to them, at which point you can swap out your active songs by using the “remove from cloud” and “restore to cloud” options.

Upgrade. Of course, you can always buy additional storage by clicking on “Buy Storage” from your MyMusicCloud account, and choosing the package you want.

Drop. As we announced last December, we are proud to be integrated with Dropbox. So if you’ve got your music in Dropbox already—and want to sync it across your mobile or tablet, you can.

iTunes Sync. Our Sync Agent is a great tool that uploads all your music automatically (must be on a PC), and continuously syncs between your media player of choice (iTunes or windows media player) and MyMusicCloud. This means that if you buy a new song or album on MyMusicCloud, it automatically syncs to your iTunes—and vice versa, with no further steps necessary.

Mobile Sync. From our web app, you can decide which songs to sync or unsync with your mobile device by clicking on the cellphone-shaped button to the left of the track.

Queue. Our continuous play function ensures that when you leave one device and hop on another, you don’t lose your place in your music queue.

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