MyMusicCloud: Much More than Function

We’ve mentioned how we’re launching a music revolution. In the process, we’ve been talking a lot about how MyMusicCloud works: how you can upload your music to all devices—regardless of make or model or version.

But at the heart of it, we haven’t forgotten that music is fun—and our nifty, device-agnostic music delivery cloud service is nothing if not fun. Here are some features we thought you’d like.

SING. First, lyrics. Are you looking to belt out the latest Rihanna song? Or are you simply trying to figure out the word that Justin’s using to rhyme with throat? MyMusicCloud makes both of these things super easy: with the click of a button, we fetch the lyrics for you. No need to wonder, no need to search for anything in a separate browser window, no need to choose one lyrics service over the other and wonder whether it’s accurate (ours is). In a flash, it’s instant karaoke—and we hope it tickles you as much as it does us.

VIEW. Next, indulge your eyes. When you change your theme to “intelligent” mode (just click on ‘Account’ and look under ’Themes’), MyMusicCloud background will change according to the music you are listening to. Give it a try.

ANSWER. We love this one. MyMusicCloud gives you the ability to convert a passage from any song into…you guessed it. A funny, catchy, poetic, or rockin’ ringtone for your phone. Set your alarm with Christina Aguilera. Give yourself a souvenir from Coldplay. Snip a piece of Adele, and use it to lift your day—or identify a friend.

SHARE. Music is social. That’s why we integrated MyMusicCloud with Facebook, so you will be able to let your Facebook friends know what songs you’re listening to.

We hope that above all, you enjoy your music—courtesy of MyMusicCloud. In the next post, we’ll go over some of the functional nuances of our service.

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