It’s Your Music Cloud (continued)

A few weeks ago, we wrote about our movement: the freedom to sync your music library to any device—across all platforms. When we say any device, we mean it: this includes your PC, Mac, and any mobile phone or tablet computer—regardless of make or operating system.

Offline Operation
But that isn’t all. We designed MyMusicCloud with a few other advantages in mind—all of them unique in the field.

The first: once your library is stored on your device(s), that’s where your tracks reside. Your library goes from online to offline—at which point you can listen to it anywhere, any time, in any place: on the subway, in elevators, or submerged in a research submarine in Antarctica. You don’t have to be connected via internet, 3G, 4G, or supersonic antennae. It simply works, and it keeps you on the move.

Continuous Play
You can also pause the music, switch devices, and not have to start over. Say you start on your iPad. Then you want to switch to your PC. Assuming you’re back online, MyMusicCloud takes note of where you are in your queue, and transfers this information to your computer. No need to go back to Rolling in the Deep, and get your heart cracked in two pieces by Adele all over again.

Global Capability
Our music philosophy wouldn’t be complete if MyMusicCloud didn’t work all over the world, too. You’d have freedom of device and freedom of locality—but not freedom of country.

That’s why—you guessed it—MyMusicCloud takes you all over the world. It’s music locker is available globally, with a store in 3 countries today, and our store is set to expand hugely in the coming weeks (more on that soon).

Lastly, MyMusicCloud integrates with Facebook. Rather than go to Facebook, sign in, and let your friends know what you’re listening to, you can simply click ‘share’ and keep on rocking.

We hope you join our little movement before the cloud gets too crowded. See you there!

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