Storing your music in the cloud is great when you want to listen offline or while traveling and enjoying more outdoor fun. But sometimes you still want a CD to play in the car, or just to store in your home music collection. We get that.

Here’s how to burn your MyMusicCloud songs onto a CD …

Step 1. On your laptop or computer, find your Music folder. This is a folder where all your backup music files are stored, including those from iTunes, Amazon, Google Drive, and MyMusicCloud. (In Windows, it’s usually a “My Music” link from the Start Menu. In Apple OS, open the Finder and choose Go > Home > Music.)

Step 2. Inside the Music folder, there should be another folder called MyMusicCloud. This backup folder contains copies of all the music files in your MyMusicCloud account, even those imported from different devices (including smartphones, tablets, and other computers).

Step 3. Insert a blank CD-R into your CD / DVD drive. The computer will most likely ask if you want to burn an audio disc, and which program you want to use. Choose one and select the album you want to burn or drag and drop songs to create a playlist. Click Start Burn.

Don’t see the songs or music you want to burn to a CD? Go to your applications folder and look for MyMusicCloud’s Sync Agent. The Sync Agent automatically backs up the music from your MyMusicCloud account. Launch the Sync agent and open the Settings menu. Then click “Sync Now.” Any new or missing songs should start to appear in the MyMusicCloud folder.

We hope this helps you enjoy your music wherever you go. If you’re still having problems, check out our support forum

Want to show mom you really care? Forget about jewelry and flowers. How about letting her listen to the music SHE likes in the car for a change? (We know all about those times she listened to Eminem and AC/DC for you!) Now, you can just make a Mother’s Day playlist of her favorite songs (and you don’t even have to leave the house).

It’s so easy with our free store-and-play music apps. Once your music library is uploaded to our MyMusicCloud portal, you can pick and choose her favorite ballads, country music songs or musical showtunes from your collection, or browse our online music store for songs she’ll adore.

Is your mom wild about Aretha Franklin? Can’t resist country crooner Martina McBride? Or maybe she loves Paul Anka? They’re all in our store ready to download. Simply create a playlist, select a song you want to add, and click the “+” symbol to attach it. (You don’t even have to listen to them!)

In no time, you have a custom-mixed Mother’s Day soundtrack you can play on any laptop, smartphone, tablet, or even Smart TV. Play it when she wakes up Sunday morning, or on your way to brunch. What a cool and thoughtful surprise!

Not sure where her musical tastes fall? Here are some ideas to get you started:

10. A Song for Mama – Boyz II Men

9. Coat of Many Colors – Performed by Shania Twain and Dolly Parton

8. Mama – Spice Girls

7. Never Too Far Away – Mariah Carey

6. In My Daughter’s Eyes – Martina McBride

5. I Hope You Dance – Lee Ann Womack

4. Already Gone – Sugarland

3. The Best Day – Taylor Swift

(Video at top).

2. Mama’s Song – Carrie Underwood

1. Because You Loved Me – Celine Dion

Wishing you and the moms in your life a very Happy Mother’s Day.

There are many eerie moments in the new Kurt Cobain documentary, “Montage of Heck,” but perhaps none as spooky as hearing the late Nirvana frontman slurringly beckon you to watch: “Hey, hey, come heeeere, I want you to see somethiiiing ….”

“Montage of Heck” debuts Monday, May 4, on HBO, but audiences in Los Angeles, Seattle, and New York got to see it in movie theaters last week. MyMusicCloud sent me to watch the movie, which boils over with adolescent rage and blazing rock intensity, in full digital sound. Stupid and contagious? Yes, it is. But it’s also, dark, wistful and often uncomfortably revealing.

For Nirvana fans, there are plenty of music clips, stage antics, and even some rough, unheard acoustic songs to ponder. For celeb voyeurs, there are candid, never-before-seen family confessions and happy home movies of Kurt and Courtney Love.

“I got the keys to this archive and I didn’t know what I was going to find,” confessed director Brett Morgen, who answered questions after a packed-house “Montage of Heck” showing in Los Angeles. “It was like meeting an old friend for the first time.”

Morgen collaborated with Kurt’s daughter, Frances Bean, and the Cobain family on this 8-year odyssey to piece together a portrait of Kurt’s fractured and much misunderstood personal life.

What he’s compiled is a broken, looking-glass collection of notebook diaries, cartoons, and startling spoken-word diaries from Kurt himself about his self-isolation and simmering anger.

With bitterness that still sounds fresh, the singer calls his teenage self an “immature, underdeveloped little dude,” and recounts being bullied to near-suicide by high school classmates after a thwarted attempt at sex with a neighborhood girl.

You see home movies of Kurt as an angelic toddler in “Montage of Heck,” and then fantastically grim photo animation depicting his tortured high school years and early recording sessions at the home of onetime girlfriend Tracy. As Tracy recalls his chronic ulcers and stomach pains, artists animate Kurt’s sometimes violent notebook paper doodles and editors splice in close-ups of writhing human intestines. (A revelation: Kurt loved to draw and film movies as well as write music.)

Bandmates Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic are seen hauling their own equipment in freezing temperatures and joking with MTV while Kurt scowls. Then, miraculously, Kurt’s laughing, joking, and completely uninhibited in home movies with Courtney, who loves to flash the camera, by the way. He practically beams with baby Frances Bean, looking as joyful and awestruck as any new Dad with his firstborn child. This is the Kurt we never really got to see.

Fascinatingly voyeuristic, “Montage of Heck” is a lurid peek into the Freudian muck of a tortured artist’s mind. It’s kind of like stumbling into a twisted, macabre funhouse. And, at 2 hours and 20 minutes, you’ll feel like you got to know and spend time with “an old friend.”

Watch it on HBO and look for the photo book on May 5th and the soundtrack with two new songs, including a 12-minute acoustic track, coming soon.

Album view

We’re making it easier and more intuitive to use the MyMusicCloud store-and-play service all the time, and we’ve upgraded it again. You already know our app makes your music library available on every device you use – PC, laptop, tablet, phone and even smart watches and smart TVs.  But another cool thing about our cloud-based music delivery service is that, with a few simple swipes, you can listen to your songs while offline — on a plane, subway train or even rappelling down a Tasmanian rock-face.

So how do you access your music when you’re offline? Here’s a quick user tip from our tech squad.

Songs you want to hear without wifi first need to be “downloaded” to your phone or tablet. There are a couple easy ways to accomplish this …

1. On our mobile app, press and hold any track, album or artist. A menu pops up with the option to “Download to Device.” Select it to make that track/album/artist available for offline listening.

2. Separately, there is also an option to download all content you add to your “Q” automatically. You can turn this option ON or OFF in the ACCOUNT section of the app. When this function is ON, any music you add to your Q to listen to is downloaded to your device automatically.

Music that has been successfully download will display a small blue arrow icon. The arrow means that music is ready for offline rocking.

We hope this user tip helps you use our MyMusicCloud app and enjoy your music anywhere. For more tips, visit our Help & How To section here on the blog or click over to our new Support Center. In the Support Center, you’ll find answers to other people’s FAQs, and you can post questions of your own for our tech team to answer.

Tired of technology? Contact a human on our Support Team directly by filling out this form ..

Are you so excited about “Game of Thrones” that you just can’t hide it? You know HBO’s dragon-and-sword series has transcended fantasy-nerd status when Jimmy Fallon spoofs it, and the theme song is played by college marching bands and across major league baseball fields.

Last week marked the epic’s 5th season premiere, and, as usual, fans went wild for Westeros. So, if you’re still reeling from the medieval bombshells, or just looking for a crowd-pleasing playlist for your next “GoT” watching party, enjoy these entertaining “Game of Thrones” song remixes. (Bonus: Scroll to the bottom for Hodor’s personal electronic dance remix; his real-life passion is DJing.)

The “Game of Thrones” / Brady Bunch Remix

Country Western Style Song Remix

Ohio State Marching Band GoT Performance (with Cool Dragon Formations)

Super Mario Style GoT Opening

Pop Style with Eminem, Katy Perry and More Singalikes (Featuring “Monster,” “Roar,” “Demons,” & “Titanium” Parody)

Actor Kristian Nairn (Hodor) DJs His EDM ReMix (from Penn State)

Make your own “Game of Thrones” playlists and access your music library right from your phone, tablet or smart TV with MyMusicCloud, the free music app that works on nearly any device, regardless of brand (iOS, Android, Windows, LG). Visit the Help & How to section at right to learn more.

When shopping for TVs, most of us set a budget and choose the biggest and best-looking screen in the store’s flashy TV department, regardless of how large or small our living space is. Sound about right? But once plugged in at home, that glossy high-definition TV often doesn’t look or sound as great as it did in the store. What gives? Never fear. With a few simple furniture moves and some easy math, your HD or Smart TV can provide a home-theater-like experience. Try these free and easy DIY tips to improve your TV picture and sound quality right now.

1. Don’t mount your flat-screen TV over the fireplace like a painting. That’s too high for comfortable viewing. Your TV should be on or near eye level so your eyes are perpendicular to the screen, website advises.

2. Don’t sit too close to or too far from your TV. Sitting too near the TV doesn’t make you, your dog, or your kids nearsighted, a new study that tracked the vision of thousands of children over 20 years confirms. But it may dull your movie experience by causing you to see the pixels in the picture of the new 1080 hp resolution screens. By sitting further away, TV picture density increases, producing a smoother, more realistic image. For the ideal home cinematic experience, the Society of Motion Picture Theater Engineers and THX say the ideal viewing angle from your couch is 30 degrees.

3. That’s great, but how far should my couch be from my TV? Wondering what 30 degrees looks like? Basically, it’s about 1.6 times the diagonal measurement of your television. So if you have a 55″ television, multiply that by 1.6, which gives you 88 inches or 7 feet and 4 inches. When placing the furniture, be sure to measure from where your eyes are, not the front or back of the couch. Too much math? Use this handy calculator to tell you exactly how near or far to sit:

4. Calibrate your TV picture. Brightness, Contrast, Overscan and Movie vs. Vivid TV settings can make a big difference in how rich your favorite movies and TV shows look at home. To set these, simply download and burn the *free* AVS HD 709 Calibration disc files. ( walks you through the process here.) Or if you or your kids are a little more tech-y, connect your PC to your TV via HDMI or DVI, and use the built-in Windows display calibration utility.

5. What about surround sound? Audio snobs make a big deal out of surround sound and home theater systems. But it’s not that complicated. Basically, a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound setup uses five or seven main speakers, plus a sub woofer for low-bass tones. These speakers should be set up as close to ear-level as possible with at least 3 feet between each. But for small rooms or apartments, you may just want to go with a sound bar below the TV and a sub woofer, Samsung TVs advises.

6. Use canvas art, books and rugs to improve your movie and music sound. Wood and tile floors are all the rage, but they make the sound from your TV bounce and echo like crazy. A sofa helps absorb these sounds but rugs, shelves filled with books and simple painted canvases (without glass frames) can too. Remember you can also enjoy your music on many of today’s Smart TVs. Samsung Smart TVs have the MyMusicCloud app built right in, so you can play, mix and search your entire music library right from your couch. Find out more about How to Activate MyMusicCloud here. Learned something cool from this post? Click the “Follow” tab in the bottom right corner to get more tech and music updates.


April is all about country music with new music videos from Florida Georgia Line (“Sippin’ on Fire”), Keith Urban (“Raise ‘Em Up”) and Luke Bryan (“Spring Breakdown”), not to mention fresh country albums from young guns like Tyler Farr and legends Reba McEntire, Dwight Yoakam and the Zac Brown Band. (What? They’re legends in Margaritaville!)

Later this month, all of the heartland’s finest, including Brad Paisley, Little Big Town, Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, Rascal Flatts, Sam Hunt, Miranda Lambert and a specially reunited Brooks & Dunn, will perform at the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday, April 19, on CBS.

That’s a whole lot of heart-breakin’ and boot-shakin’, so to pump you up, here are the biggest country albums to add to your music playlists. First, let’s check in with barefoot, Spring Break party-boy Luke …


March Country Albums

Luke Bryan, Spring Break … Checkin’ Out, 3/10 — Bryan’s last Spring Break album?! Say it ain’t so. It includes 5 new songs along with remixes of Spring Break 6. Get a taste of “Spring Breakdown” in the video above.
Allison Moorer, Down to Believing, 3/17.
Canaan Smith, Canaan Smith EP, 3/24.
Striking Matches, Nothing But the Silence, 3/24 — From the songwriting duo behind the hit show “Nashville.”
Darius Rucker, Southern Style, 3/31.
Now That’s What I Call ACM Awards: 50 Years, 3/31 — Satisfy all your country yearnings with 34 hit songs from 1969 to 2012, featuring Blake Shelton, Brooks & Dunn, Clint Black, Kenny Chesney, Glen Campbell, The Judds, Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift, whew, and tons more.

April Country Albums

Kristian Bush, Southern Gravity, 4/7 — The new solo album from the Sugarland guitarist includes hits like “Trailer Hitch.”
Will Hoge, Small Town Dreams, 4/7.
Dwight Yoakam, Second Hand Heart, 4/14. — Inspired by his 2012 songs produced by Beck, Dwight unveils more “cow punk” songs, kinda like country meets The Ramones.
Reba McEntire, Love Somebody, 4/14 — Featuring the power anthem “Going Out Like That” and a duet with Jennifer Nettles called “Enough.”
Ricky Gunn, King of This Town, 4/21.
Tyler Farr, Suffer in Peace, 4/28. — More moody breakup songs from the singer of “A Guy Walks Into a Bar.”
Zac Brown Band, Jekyll + Hyde, 4/28. — Like the title suggests, the band is experimenting with different styles, including songs with Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell and Sara Bareilles.

Watch the new music video by Keith Urban and Eric Church for “Raise Em Up,” which Keith said was inspired by watching his daughters jump on their trampoline.



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